Too Young For Love

Megan has a normal life of any Directioner. She obsesses over a band that she has a little chance of meeting in person, goes to school, and blogs. But little did she know that her 14th birthday is going to be a birthday she'll never forget.


7. Falling

 She finally stopped crying and now she was laughing. "You guys got me.!!" She yelled at Zayn and Hanna. She was smiling. Her smile was so amazingly darling. And her eyes have a twinkle in them whenever she smiles or laughs. She's so beautiful. She's actually VERY beautiful. But I can't have a crush on her.. She's 14.!! "Oh, by the way guys, this is my best friend or sister, Megan." Hanna announced. "Hey." Niall smiled at her. Niall stay away. She's mine. "I'm Liam." Liam smiled too. "I know who you guys are." Megan blushed. "Oh ahaa." Louis laughed at the statement. "I want cake.." Niall said as he trailed off to find the cake. We all laughed and sat down to eat some cake. Niall, Liam, Louis, and Zayn went to the beach boardwalk to go get something for Megan while Hanna went to go take a quick shower. "So- uh.. How's being famous like.?" Megan asked nervously. I don't want her to be nervous around me. I'm just an ordinary guy, well kinda. "It's- it's uh interesting." I responded. Oh great, why am I nervous now.?! "Don't tell the rest of the boys but your my celebrity crush." Megan blushed while looking away. She was so pretty and so cute when she laughed. Stop Harry. I can't like her. She's only 14. "So tell me about yourself." I told her. "We'll, uh there's nothing special to me except I like swimming." She sounded super nervous now..



~**Megan's Pov**~

I can't believe Harry freakin Styles is wondering about me.!! "You don't have to be so nervous around me." Harry smiled. Ughhh his dimples are so cute.!! "I know. It's just umm.." I do sound nervous. Play it cool Megan. "What..?" Harry wondered. "Your just- uh.." Man I probably sound like a scratched cd. "Your just famous and hot and all of the above.." I can't believe I said it. I got up quickly to make myself some tea I was grabbing a mug when all of a sudden, I felt someone grab my arm and twist me around. "You think I'm hot.?" I heard Harry say. I looked up and saw his eyes and his dimples.. His dimples.. He was smiling.. Oh My God.

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