Too Young For Love

Megan has a normal life of any Directioner. She obsesses over a band that she has a little chance of meeting in person, goes to school, and blogs. But little did she know that her 14th birthday is going to be a birthday she'll never forget.


6. Birthday Surprise.!!

 I woke up around 6:45 on my own. I got up and made myself some waffles. "Where's mine.?" I heard Zayn pouting. I giggled. "Birthday girl gets what birthday girl wants." I joked with him. "It's your birthday.?" Zayn joked back. He knows how to get me piss. I rolled my eyes laughing at him. He can be such a dweeb sometimes. "Anyways, happy birthday little sis." Zayn said. He calls me lil sis because Zayn and I act like family, we fight, we get mad at each other, yet we can never actually hate each other. "Morning idiots." Hanna slept walked in. I laughed at her. She looked like a zombie just without the disgusting, rotting flesh. Hanna's eyes popped right open like she remembered something very important she needed to do. She ran towards me said happy birthday, hugged me, and then booked it to her room. "Hmm, wondered what gotten into her." I told Zayn while staring at the direction she ran. "YeahMeTooGotToGoBye. HappyBirthday. SeeYouLater." Zayn said in a rush as he grabbed his keys and drove away. "Well, this stinks. Alone on my birthday." I slumped my way towards the bathroom. Might as well look hot, right.? I mean come on.! I'm 14 now.! I put on my blue jean shorts with my Venice Beach white shirt { bikini underneath of course } and curled my hair and put into a ponytail. I put on my white converse and headed out to the beach. I sat on the sand and just enjoyed the sound of waves crashing. 10 minutes after I sat down on the beach, Hanna came out wearing a blue mini dress and her bikini underneath. "Hey." She sounded sad. "Hey, what's wrong.?" I asked her patting the spot next to me. "I feel like a terrible friend for doing what I did this morning." She said sincere. "It's cool." I looked at her so she feels more comfortable knowing its okay. "Thanks. I'm really excited today. I have this whole thing planned out." She smiled up at him. I threw my head back laughing. She can be such a nerd sometimes.!! "I have a surprise though.. Follow me in the cottage.." Hanna said as she took me hand and led me to the cottage. She put a blindfold on me so now I'm kinda curious...



~**Harrys Pov**~

 "So, it's her 14th birthday and she's a Directioner.?" I asked Zayn. He nodded his head while setting the cake on the coffee table. "My little sister is bringing her right now." Zayn continued on. "Okay guys, hiding stations.!! Remember on the signal.!" Zayn yelled. Hanna came through the door and Zayn popped up and yelled surprise. "Ahaa, wow guys. You two are still trying hard to surprise me, huh.?" the girl giggled. Her laugh was really cute. Innocent like.. "Yeah, but you know.. It's a One Direction party.!!" Zayn and Hanna laughed. "Guys, putting up One Direction decorations is legit.! I bet you love it huh, Zayn.?" The girl laughed. "Yeah, but what's a party with the actual One Direction.." Zayn's signal.!! The rest of the lads and I popped up and the girls face started from shock and ended up to crying. "Oh no, please don't cry." I walked over to her and tried comforting her. "Why are you crying.?" I asked her. "You guys are my inspiration." She made out.



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