Through people

Juliet worked at the nail salon, there was one customer in every single week. The customer was named Eleanor. One day Eleanor took Juliet to her boyfriend and his friends.


9. Out With Lou



So, today I decided to go out with Louis for breakfast.  

We arrived at the Sunny Street Cafe, in Dublin, Ohio, so it was near my town.  I heard they had good food.  We got sat, it wasn't crowded.  "So what's up Lou?" "Nothing much, Harry wants to see you. But he respects you want to go out with the other boys, and me" He chuckled.  I nodded my head as I searched the menu. The waiter handed us our drinks and asked for our order.  

"Hi, can I have a breakfast burrito, and as a side, bacon?"  I asked.

"Sure thing" He said as he scribbled down the order.

"Hello, can I have the big bite breakfast? Scrambled eggs, ham, and fresh fruit." Louis asked.

"Yes, you can. I will be right back with those."

The breakfast burrito, had scrambled eggs, sausage, cheese, onions, tomatoes and peppers.  And it was served with homemade salsa, sour cream, and a choice of side. I chose bacon.

Louis's meal, the big bite breakfast, was two eggs any style (he chose scrambled). Served with bacon, sausage or ham (he chose ham), and a choice if hashbrowns, grits or fresh fruit. (HE CHOSE FRESH FRUIT).

The food arrived, and we dug in. Me and Louis chatted for a while, then came in Chad.. My ex- boyfriend.. I looked away but saw a girl.. Short skirt, crop top, high heels. "Are you okay Julie?" Louis spoke as he watched me. "Yeah, that's just my popular ex.."

"Hey babe" Chad said. I ignored him, looking at Louis.

(My friend is helping me write this for now I'll tell you when it stops)

Louis didn't reply, Chad waited for an answer staring. He eventually walked away. "Thanks for the backup Lou.." I walked home alone and got in my bed, not caring that I left him and I'm in jeans right now. My phone buzzed at least ten times in the last minute, maybe I should answer him. No, my front door slammed. I stayed in my room hiding, not knowing who it was. Finally I saw Louis standing there, I got up and walked past him and he grabbed my arm and kissed me. I backed up shocked.. "No.." I cheated..

(She's done writing in this chapter)

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