Through people

Juliet worked at the nail salon, there was one customer in every single week. The customer was named Eleanor. One day Eleanor took Juliet to her boyfriend and his friends.


8. Me Day

Harry's P.o.v


The sun shined through my windows, and lit up my room.  It was morning and I have an interview.  Maybe, tomorrow I will take her on the second date. My fingers typed:

To: Juliet

Hey, I wanted to know if you wanted to go on a second date tomorrow?


From: Juliet

Second date?


To: Juliet

The sun rise, silly!


From: Juliet

Oh yeah! Sorry, but sure! Interview today?


To: Juliet


Yup!  See ya tomorrow!

I turned off my phone and started to get ready for the interview.  

Juliet's P.o.v


  Well, it's a me day!  I threw on a yellow tee that says 'Yeah Right.' in hot pink letters. Paired with hot pink skinny jeans, and a black bow. I brushed through my orange hair, and applied mascara and eyeliner.  I have some extra money to spare for a 'me day'. 

I walk out of my house as I say bye to my parents. I opened the doors of my brand new light brown 2013  Chevrolet Camaro Convertible.  My first stop was Starbucks, my favorite!  I walked in the short, three people line. I decided to try the Double Chocolaty Frappuccino. "Juliet" Someone called, informing me my order was ready.  I sat at a table in the corner. I went on instagram and someone tagged me in a photo. It was a picture of Harry and Taylor Swift holding hands, the hashtag was #haylor.


Authors Note:

I forget when the real Haylor happened. So, yea.  It's fall right now in the story. Please favorite or like:) And comment telling me what I need to do to make it better. I'm really enjoying writing this story.


Juliet's P.o.v


That picture was posted yesterday.. Well, I guess me and Harry had nothing. A call from Harry appeared on my Iphone. DECLINE. 'Why did you decline the call?' Harry texted. I sipped my frap, and more texts appeared.  'Are you okay?' Then all of the boys then El texted me.  I texted Eleanor back.  'Haylor' 

I finished my drink and threw it away.  I walked to my car as it was drizzling.  Before I started driving Liam called me. I trusted him, probably the most. He gives good advice and is always mature enough in situations. Answer,

 ~The Call~

L= Liam J=Juliet

J: Hello?

L: Hi! What's wrong?

J: Yesterday, while I was at work, Harry went out with Taylor Swift, holding hands. And we are kind of dating, but I don't know if I should be mad, because he's not my boyfriend.

L: You have a reason to be upset, I mean I would be if I saw the girl I was dating with another man.  Sorry I wasn't helping that much, but the interviews starting. 

J: Thanks Liam! Bye!

L: Bye love

~End of call~


Julie's P.o.v

I decided I wasn't in the mood to do anything else, so I went home.

I logged onto youtube, I do vlogs and beauty. I started the video.  (nobody knows Harry and Julie are dating) 

"Hey guys, today I went to starbucks, and tried the double chocolaty chip frap. Now I'm just chilling in my room."  I showed my room.

"So yeah who's excited for Halloween next week? I am! As you can see all the decorations in my room!" 

"I think I am going to do a cooking video for Halloween, so lets get started!  I grabbed my camera and started driving to the store. "Btw guys, it's Pumpkin Patch Cupcakes!"

"So first you need vanilla cake mix, orange icing, orange sprinkles and pretzel rods. Then some orange cupcake" I put all the ingredients in the cart and pushed it to check out.

I was finally home and started to make the cupcakes. So, it going to look like this. I showed on the finished cupcake. So first your going to set the oven after its preheated to 350F, then mix the batter however it says on the instructions. Then when you are done, pour it into the cupcake pan thingy, into the orange wrappers." I giggled. "Then stick it in the oven. When their done, you frost the orange frosting on each cupcake, then the sprinkles. For the lines of a pumpkin, press a wooden skewer.  Break the pretzel rod and then place it in the middle, and there's the cupcake!" 


I found that recipe online, and thought it was so cute for Halloween:)




After I finished my long Youtube video, my mom and dad came in. "We are going to Florida for a week, can you watch Caspar?" "Sure, you guys work so hard!" I said as they left the house. 

(I named the cat after Caspar Lee ;) tehee)

It was now 7 o'clock. I decided to take a quick shower. After, I changed into my red tee shirt and blacks sweat pants.  

~Text convo with Liam~

L:Hey, I figured my new girlfriend could help you with your situation?  Maybe she could sleep over yours?

J: Sure, if your dating her, she's probably amazing! Send her over! :)


I threw my hair up in a bun as a girl came knocked at my door. "Hi! I'm Juliet, so nice to meet you!"  "Hi, I'm Dawn Liam's girlfriend!" 

"So let's get settled on the couch and I'll tell you the story. By the way my parents are away, so yeah!"  I said laughing.

"Ok, so tell me what happened girl!" Dawn exclaimed.  

I turned on the light, "So, someone tagged me in an instagram picture. It was posted the day I was working. It was of Harry and Taylor Swift holding hands, we are dating. Its hashtag was #haylor. I wasn't that worried though!  Should I be worried?" 

"Yeah, girl! But you are dating, so I would say it's called cheating.  Liam told me you haven't been answering him. He will figure it out, but maybe it's photo shopped." 

"PHOTO SHOPPED!  Oh my gosh, I'm so dumb!"  I checked my phone, 'It's photoshopped -Harry"

I showed her the text. Then we fell asleep watching a movie..

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