Through people

Juliet worked at the nail salon, there was one customer in every single week. The customer was named Eleanor. One day Eleanor took Juliet to her boyfriend and his friends.


4. Her Names Juliet

Juliet's P.o.v


I started my car and drove off to work.  The station I was at today was acrylics.  


Harry's P.o.v


~At an interview~

Hello, boys!" The interviewer, Murphy, said.

"Hello Murphy!" We all said.

"So, Harry is this your new girlfriend?" Murphy asked as he showed a picture of me and Julie, watching the sun rise.

"Um, no, we're just friends." I said blushing and rubbing my neck.

"AWW, HAZZA'S BLUSHING!" Louis screamed. 

"WHAT'S HER NAME! WHAT'S HER NAME!" The crowd chanted. 

"Her names Juliet."



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