Through people

Juliet worked at the nail salon, there was one customer in every single week. The customer was named Eleanor. One day Eleanor took Juliet to her boyfriend and his friends.


2. Eleanor's Friends

Juliet's P.o.v.


The bell dinged as I opened the door to the nail salon.  I sat down in my usual spot and waited for people to come. "Juliet, a gel manicure!" My boss told me and he greeted customers.  A girl younger than me came over to my table.  "Alright did you pick your colors?" She nodded in response and I started my work.  After I pampered her nails I put her the purple gel, and a clear coat. I put them in the drying machines and waited.  "What were you thinking for a pattern?" I asked her.  "I was thinking stripes on my middle fingers" She said looking down at her nails.  I dried the pattern and put on the clear coat. The next customer approached me. I got out the fake nails she wanted and cut them to the length she wanted. I put the glue on her fingernails and applied one, then the other, and then another.  Once that was done I put them in the dryer. After I painted them a dark green and put gems on, I dried those.  Eleanor came, she comes every week.  I put on her fake nails with the tips and painted them black. I put on a clear coat.  "Hey, do you want to meet my friends tonight over dinner?" "I would love too" I said. "Oh and my boyfriend" Eleanor added. "7?" "Sounds good to me!" She payed me and left. "Text you!" She called.

I straightened my hair and applied some mascara.  I took off my work uniform and changed into a cute fall look. A white tee with skinny jeans, a light denim jacket, and a gold necklace, a orange scarf and boots.

Eleanor was picking me up and we were meeting the boys there.  We arrived at this italian place and I meet them, they so sweet and funny.  They are in a band called 1D and visiting Eleanor.  We all ordered and at last the food came.  We all dug in but I ate slowly being the polite girl I am. The night went quick and as soon as I knew it, it was the next morning.   

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