Kidnap One Direction

Hi my name is Gianna my best friends are Emily and Morgan. We are the biggest fan girls of one direction. We grow up with hard lives when we were little but now we are 17. well most of us. I ran away from home, so now I'm taking care of my self. Then Emily and Morgan moved in with me. When my birthday came and the girls too me to the basement there were there. One direction is in my house. I can't believe they kidnapped one direction. What will happen? You have to read it to hind out.


5. A Good Day I think


We were in my red convertible jeep but Morgan doesn't want me to drive so she is driving, Emily in the passenger set and me in the back set. And I have no idea were we are going. " Hey guy were are we going? " I ask. Emily and Morgan just smiled and laugh at me. " Just relax, we will be at our designation pretty soon." Morgan looked in the mirror and smiled. " I hope so. You guys woke me up at 11:35 in the morning and I didn't get my tea or coffee. " I said with my lip hanging out with a sad voice. " OOOO! Dose Tommo want coffee?" Emily look back at me and said it like I did but with a baby voice as well. I just nod yes with my lip still handing out. " Ok then close your eyes now and open them when we say to. Ok?" " ok" And I did. The car turn and it stopped. " Ok we are here " I herd Morgan say. " Open your eyes." Emily and Morgan said together. I open my eyes and started laughing. We were at Star Bucks. " Ahahahah you guys ." We got out of the car and went in. I took in a deep breath to smell coffee. I love that smell. We went up to the counter to see a Hotty. He has light brown hair, beautiful blue yes, and he has braces. Which is red braces which is my favorite color. Ahahahaha. " And how can I help you pretty ladies?" His accent was to die for. If the girls wasn't behind me I would have fallen from his voice. " Can I have a banana, nut coffee, a Carmel cappuccino with wipe cream, and a chocolate cappuccino with wipe cream." " Sur any thing else? " I look at the girl and they nod yes. " What o and 3 blue Barry muffins please" I forget all about the muffins. Maybe it all because of his looks. " Yes you can. "  Me and the girls went to sit down at the table. " Holly shit he hot." I said to the girls quietly so he wont here me. " I Know he is." Morgan said back. " Eee.... Not my type." Emily said leaning up on the chair. " What!!!! You got to be kidding me? Look at him. He got a beautiful accent, light brown hair, blue eyes, and have braces." I explain to her how gorges he is. " I'm out. I don't like braces that much." Morgan said. WHAT IS RUNG WITH YOU GUYS. That is what I'm thinking about. I look at him, he looks like 18 or 19 ether way he's hot. Maybe I can get his phone number. I think to my self. " Gianna, Gianna, Tommo." I snapped out of my thoughts." What" I ask. " Well welcome back to earth love. " Emily said. " You drinks are ready." he said. I never got his name." I'll get them. " I said to the girls and went to get them. " Hi um.. thank you um... I never got your name really love." I said. " Jack and yours?" He ask. " Gianna. Nice to met you Jack." I took out my hand to shake his and we did. " Well its nice meting you love. oh and happy birthday" he yell as I was walking out. " How did you know?" I stopped walking. " I herd they talking about it and your hot too." I cant believe he said I was hot. Ahahaha! " Thank you!" I yelled and ran to the car. I got in and we ate our muffins and left.





We got home from shopping and then we went to the club and now we are home again. I look at Gianna which is head over drunk now. She had 3 shuts 2 sex on the beach drinks and now she is jumping on the bed. " Emily Morgan JUMP WITH MEEEEE!!!!!" she yelled. Me and Morgan are not drunk because we have the plain all working good. " No Gianna were tired and going to bed." Morgan said and winked at me. I laughed. " Hey Emily can I see your phone?" Gianna ask. " NO way in hell"  " WHYYYYYY"  "because your drunk and I don't want shit in my phone." I told he. She was still jumping on the bed. " I going to see if I have super powers." What! and when me and Morgan turn around I herd a thump and Gianna was on the ground. I tried to hold a laugh but I didn't. " Ouch. what ever you do don't try to see if you can fly it hurt." Morgan helped her up and put her on her bed and in one second Gianna was past out. Now time to kidnap One Direction.   

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