Summer Love

Its summer vacation and Lindsay choose to spend it at a Summer Camp. There she meets Ariana, who soon becomes her best friend, and she meets Alicia, her worst nightmare. But when she stumbles into a friendship with Niall Horan, will they become closer than they thought? And will someone go against her? Read it in "Summer Love"



4. Wow,Your Amazing!

"Oh come on, you cant be shy now! your so outgoing. Come on, let me hear" I insisted. "Okay, but im not that good" She said. I nodded and she began.

"The day i, first met you, you told me you'll never fall in love. But now that i get you, i know fear is what it really was. Now here we are, so close, yet so far, haven't i passed the test. when will, you realiiize, baby im like the rest. Don't wanna break your heart, wanna give your heart a break, i know your scared its wrong, like you might make a mistake. Theirs just one life to live and theirs no time to waist, to waist so let me give your heart a break, your heart a break, let me give your heart a break, your heart a break, Oh yeah,yeah" She sang. My mouth was wide open. I blinked atleast 29 times and i was speech less.

"Holy....what....was that! Omg you are so good!" I said. She laughed and bowed. I clapped and whistled.

"Now your turn" She said breaking my mood. My smile turned into a frown. "Um, Shes not here right now, please leave a message for her in 2 years okay beeeep" I said about to walk out of the room.

"Hahaha, no" She said sarcasticly. She took my hand and lead me to the bed. I sat down in a slouch position. "Do i have to?" I asked upset. "Yeah honeybun. Now, Sing" She demanded. "Okay,okay, ill do it. Sheesh. Your pushy" I said. "Thank you darling" She said in a falsy british accent.

I took a deep breathe, let it out, and thought of a song. I finally thought of a song.

" skies are crying, i am watching, catching tear drops in my hands. Only silence as its ending, like we never had a chance. Do you have to make me feel like, Theres nothing left of me. You can take every thing i have, you take everything i am like im made of glass. Like im made of paper. Go on and try to tear me down, i will be rising from the grond like a sky scraper. Like a sky scraper" I sang. When i was finished, ariana squealed like a fangirl

"Ahh your so good!" She squealed. "Can you be a little less loud?"i said. she giggled.

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