Path Of A Heartbreaker

Christine was your average junior at Watercress High School, pretty, slim, a cheerleader, and a heartbreaker. She likes to mess with other people's emotions, until her whole life takes a hit and she meets a boy named Louis. Will she stay loyal to him, or will she take the path of a heartbreaker?


1. Prolouge

                           Christine's POV:

"Get your ass down here Samantha!", my dad yelled from the living room. Samantha is my mother, and she is living with regret upon regret. She should of never remarried Jack. She shouldn't of ignored me when I said that he would hurt us. But there was nothing we could do now, nothing but wait till it's over. My mum ran down the stairs as Jack had ordered mere seconds ago. 

"Y-yes?", my mum whispered in fear. 

"I will be out I want you to have dinner prepared and this house SPOTLESS when I return. Got it?", he growled. 

"Y-yes Jack, I do. ", my mum said. 

"Good. Well why are you just standing around? GET TO WORK!!", Jack shouted in her face. She quickly ran into the kitchen and began making us dinner. I was still standing on the stairs, watching everything. 

"And as for you, you go clean up. I have plans for you later...", he said to me. I already knew what his plans were. He was going to abuse me in a way that traumatized me for years. I couldn't run this time, but I already had a plan. On the last day of school, I'd run away. I'd run far away and take my mother with me. She doesn't deserve to live with this asshole any longer. We'd make a run for it. I'm not sure where to, but we'd be gone and finally free of him. I walked up to my room and plugged in my iPod. I always listed to a certain song when I was stressed out, Holding Onto You by Twenty-One Pilots. It calmed me down. Other than that, I listed to Rihanna and Nicki Minaj and Drake, people like that. My best friend Lauren was a complete, head-over-heels directioner  and it made me sick, in public. In private, I'd listen to them more than my other playlists. Even if I heard all the songs on my 1D playlist, I'd listen to them on repeat. I just couldn't admit that I was in the 11th grade and I still liked One Direction. My reputation wouldn't allow it. I was the school's heartbreaker. Everyone knew, even my teachers knew what I am, and I couldn't care less. I am what I am and I wasn't going to change for nobody, nobody but myself. Life's a bitch. People break your heart and they don't even think twice about how it hurts the other person. Well, that's what I'm doing now. I'm breaking their little hearts before they break mine. Sometimes I feel bad for the people I hurt, then I get over it. You gotta do what you gotta do. 

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