My Perfect mistake

Written by: Kaylee and Sydney Barone
Cassidie Carter needed a getaway from her life. She was tired of her friends, parents, and just life in general. She went to the bridge and was ready to jump off until she was caught by Harry Styles. Will he just be her hero that she'll always owe or will there be something more?


6. Talking to Harry

Louis' POV
When I woke I had a sharp pain in my head. I tried to reach my arm up to touch it but I couldn't move. I heard a voice. It was Harry's. "Louis I know you're not awake but I need someone to talk to so here it goes. I kissed her. I kissed Cassidee. I felt sparks and I know I love her. I just love her so much. I  just don't want Liam to be mad at me. I really hope you're okay Lou. I love you. You're my best friend and I want you to wake up so bad" Harry said. I began to put all my strength into opening my eyes. That's when I heard the door open and footsteps. "Harry I-" Cassidee began as I opened my eyes. "LOUIS YOU'RE AWAKE!" Harry yelled. Cassidee smiled and left the room soon returning with all the boys. I could tell Cassidee was going to say something important but my waking up had interrupted her. I felt bad. "Hey Harry can you come here for a minute" I said. Harry nodded and came closer. "I think Cassidee was about to tell you something really important. Go with her outside or something. Find out what she needed. By the way I heard what you were saying to me" I whispered in Harry's ear. Harry smile at me and left the room with Cassidee.
Cassidee's POV
Harry had told me to follow him and I had. We ended up where Liam and I had been not even 20 minutes ago. 
"What were you saying?" Harry asked. I took a deep breath while I got my thoughts together and began to talk. 
"After you and I kissed I went to check on Liam. He said some really sweet things and I kissed him" I paused to look at his reaction and he looked hurt. Before he could say anything I began to talk again. "Anyways kissing Liam made me realize who I really want to be with. Kissing Liam felt like kissing my brother. I didn't feel anything. But when I kissed you I felt actual sparks. I felt fireworks in my heart and butterflies in my stomach. I felt like I've never felt before. I really like you Harry and I never would've realized that if you hadn't kissed me" I said. Harry looked at me wide eyed. I think I scared him a little bit and I began to get self conscious. I looked down at the ground. Harry lifted my chin up. "When you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell you don't know you're beautiful" he said before he kissed me. It felt like bombs were going off in my heart and it felt like I had rabid butterflies in my stomach. "I love you Cassidee." "I love you too Harry." Harry then took my hand and led me back to Louis' hospital room where a doctor was explaining that Louis could go home but would have to come back in 6 weeks so they could remove the stitches. 
We got in the car and were welcomed home with a huge mess. There were soda cans, chips, popcorn, and glass shards everywhere. 
"Everybody keep your shoes on" Zayn instructed when Liam didn't say anything. I usually expected Liam to say something like that but he wasn't talking right now. He was upset. It hurt to know that I was the reason for his pain, for his tears, for his broken heart. 
Zayn sent Louis and Liam both up to bed and began cleaning the glass shards. Niall, Harry, and I began to clean up the popcorn, chips, and soda. 
After we were all done I was exhausted. I let out a yawn and Harry took me up to bed. I got into my pajamas and when I came out of the bathroom Harry was still sitting on my bed. "Cassidee. I feel like I should ask you this. Will you be my girlfriend?" "Of course Harry" I said as I got into bed. Harry got up to leave but I grabbed his arm. "Stay with me?" I asked. Harry smiled and got into bed with me. I reached over and turned out the lamp. The last thing I remember before falling asleep was Harry pecking my lips.

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