My Perfect mistake

Written by: Kaylee and Sydney Barone
Cassidie Carter needed a getaway from her life. She was tired of her friends, parents, and just life in general. She went to the bridge and was ready to jump off until she was caught by Harry Styles. Will he just be her hero that she'll always owe or will there be something more?


5. feelings

Liam's POV

"Liam go and ask Harry and Cassidee what they want to eat" Zayn said. "Okay" I said walking into the room only to see Cassidee and Harry kissing. Cassidee pulled away from Harry and turned around. "Liam." "I uh just came to see what you want to eat" I said. They told me what they wanted and I ran out of the room. I felt hurt and betrayed. Harry knew that I liked Cassidee but he still kised her anyways. I told Zayn there orders and walked away. I don't know where I was going. I ignored the guys screaming. "LIAM!" "Where are you going?""What's wrong?"  I kept running and eventually made it outside I just sat outside by myself.

Cassidee's POV

"I'm sorry Harry but I need to go check on Liam" I said. Harry nodded. I gave him one last hug before bolting out the door. "What's wrong with Liam?" Zayn asked. "I don't have time to expain right now. Where did he go?" I said frantically. "He ran out of the building" Zayn said. "Thanks" I said before running. When I reached outside I saw Liam sitting by himself. "Li?" I asked. He looked up and gave me a small smile. "Hey Casside" he said. I sat down next to him and gave him a hug. "Liam what's wrong?" I asked. "Listen Cassidee I don't know if you know this but I really like you. Really really like you. You're beautful and sweet and such an amazing girl I'm surprised the whole band isn't completly in love with you. I know Harry likes you and I know you too will always have that special bond and you'll never love me like I love you" Liam said. I then did something. Something that would cause a lot of problems for Harry, Liam, and I. Something that was spur of the moment. Something that felt right then. Something that would feel wrong later. I kissed him. I realized then who I loved. Who I was meant to be with. It was the person I felt sparks with. It was Harry. When Harry kissed me I felt complete. I felt like it was only us two in the world. I felt like I've never felt before. Toby never made me feel like that and neither did my other previous boyfriend. When I kissed Liam it felt like kissing your brother. Liam would always be just a best friend to me.

"Liam. I'm sorry I shouldn't have done that" I said. Liam had hurt written all over his face. "But" I begn. Liam's hurt expression changed to hopeful. "It helped me realize who I really like. Who I'm meant to be with. With Harry I felt sparks but with you it felt like I was kissing my brother or something. I'm really sorry Liam but you're really more my best friend" I said. Liam looked hurt but he also looked understanding. "Now I need to go find Harry" I said. I walked back inside and went to find Harry so I could tell him my choice. I went in the room to find Harry. "Harry I-" I began. "LOUIS YOU'RE AWAKE!"

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