Gavroche's Mission

***MODERN ENJONINE*** After hearing a conversation between Eponine and Azelma, Gavroche tries to find Eponine a boyfriend. After the Marius thing, she has been different, unhappy. So, Gavroche tries to change that. Will he suceed?


1. Mission Identified

Discliamer: We do not own Les Miserables. (If we did, Enjonine would be canon!) Also, we have nothing against blondes, unless they're named Cosette Pontmercy


"C'mon, Eponine! Get over that dumb guy, Marius! You're too good for him!"I hear my sister Azelma call to my other sister, Eponine. She recently had her heart broken by this dumb guy named Marius who couldn't take a hint. Ever since he ran off and married that bourgeois two-a-penny thing, Cosette, she had been quite depressed.

Without letting them know I'm listening in, I sat put and she which way this conversation turns to.

"There are many other nice boys throughout France! Why are you so hooked on him?" Azelma questions once more.

"When I lost my way, I closed my eyes, and he has found me!" Eponine replied.

"Ugh! What am I ever to do with you?" Azelma cries in frustration.

"I don't know. Haven't you ever been in love?" Eponine shot back.

Yes, but I got over it pretty fast!" Azlema returned. "C'mon, what about Marius made you love him so much?"

"Well, first of all, the way he talked to me, and made me feel like I was worth something. Unlike our parents. Second, he always listended to what I had to say. Third, he saved me from the fight that broke out when him and some of his friends revolted against the school for student's rights."

"You do realize you it was his fault for even involving you in that fight!"

"But it was my fault for taking that punch to my head for him. For a good few minutes, he thought I was going to die!"

"When will you ever look past that and see that Marius didn't even deserve you! You know what you need? A new boyfriend. There are plenty of guys at Les Amis d'l ABC High School, and a good amount would be worth your time!"

"Well....maybe I'll consider it. But don't get your hopes up! I rather doubt there's one that can make me feel as great as I did when I was with Marius. Well, before that dumb blonde, Cosette came into the picture."

With that, Gavroche fled his listening area before either of his siters could find out he was eavesdropping. So, Eponine needed a new boyfriend to cheer her up? Gavroche knew just the person!

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