Fight for Love or Die Trying *Season 2*

Season 2 of the SQUEAL TO -- "Being in a secret relationship with Justin, who is my brother's friend"

Knowing that you can't be with the one you love hurts. well that was what both Justin and Summer were going through. their love was so strong, but when their secret come out, their love, their relationship fell apart. Summer was taken away from Justin. So....... we start from......
What happened to Justin and Summer now that their not together? Have they both found new love? Will they finally be together? Maybe someone will come in between them? But for Justin and Summer will it be easy OR will they have to FIGHT FOR LOVE OR DIE TRYING?
Characters: Justin, Summer, Chaz, Josh.... AND MORE!

**CONTAINS** Drama, Sex, Love, Hurt.


6. Part 6- The Note & Present Justin gave Summer & a Surprise Birthday Morning *Part 1*

*Summer's POV*
I re-read the note like a million times.
"To my beautiful girlfriend Summer. There isn't a day that goes by without me thinking about you. Every Second, i think about you. you drive me crazy but in a good way. i love spending time with you day and night"
i stopped. i was thinking about those nights that when i was scared Justin would hold me in bed. My brother never knowing.
"You are the reason for everything that happens. we are meant to be. even though we kept it a secret all this time, i would do it again. just for you"
I smiled. i could feel my eyes beginning to tear up. i read on.
"In this box, you will find something that i personally wanted to give to you. It's a ring and necklace. This is ring is a promise ring. Promising you that i will always be there, always loving you. i will never say or do anything to hurt you. you are my Queen Summer. it means i love you so much that i would do whatever it takes to be with you"
i took the ring out and placed it on my finger. i began to cry. i kissed the ring.
"I love you so much Justin" i said out loud.
I picked up the necklace and read the note.
"This necklace i got it evgraved with our names and forever. Because Summer, you and me are forever and when we meet again i have something else to give you....... i love you now until forever"
i turned the card over to see if there was something else. And there was. My eyes widen, tears falling out. i couldn't believe what i read............

There was only five words written.... "Summer, will you marry me?"

I'm guessing that promise ring was also a engagement ring right? i looked in the box but there wasn't anything else. Maybe that another gift is with Justin. That's why he said.
"When we meet again" i smiled with happiness. "We will meet again Justin, baby. i promise that"
i took of my ring, and placed it back in the box with the necklace. Putting it down on my bedside table but as soon as i was putting it down another small note fell out.
"What the?"
I picked it up.
"From Chaz" it said.
i laughed.
i read on "Summer, i will not lie to you. since i've met you i had fallen for you. Even though you are with Justin i can't hide my feelings for you. That kiss, the kiss we had was real to me. I love you Summer, i know you won't feel the same but i wish i could be with you and if i have to do anything to make you mine i will......... Umm, Justin does not know that i've slipped this letter in. So please don't say anything to him"
i wiped away my tears, got dressed into my pjs and got into bed. How or why was this happening to me? i love Justin and yes that kiss with Chaz was something but i love Justin.... even though we haven't spoken to each other for weeks. i do miss him. i know he will call for my birthday i just know it.
"i hope i know it"
As i yawned, i placed my head on the pillow, closed my eyes and was just thinking only about Justin. Justin was in my dreams always....

The next morning come, the sun shining through in my room. so i got up and stretched.
i went into the bathroom, washed my face, brushed my teeth and got dressed, just in shorts and a tank top.
"I wonder who it is"
but then i smiled thinking. Maybe it was Justin. Today is my birthday and maybe his come to visit me. i bolted out of my room and to the kitchen where i heard voices. i ran in to see my aunty standing at the bench talking to a boy. He turned around and it so happened to be.....


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