Hers to Lose.....

****MODERN ENJONINE****Ever since Enjolras saw her at the cafe, he has never been the same. Slowly growing kinder, and softening up. Caring more about others. Will the mystery girl be the one to break the coldness within? E/E Modern AU


20. WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

"What?" Enjolras asked as he felt Eponine's shakey breath.

"Oh, nothin'. Just thinking." Eponine's softly sighed.

"About what?"when she didn't answer, Enjolras pulled out a old phrase."Penny for your thoughts."

"It's just...." Eponine trailed off.

"It's just.... What?" He questioned.

"N-N-Nothin'" Eponine stuttered.

Eponine only stuttered when she was upset, or something was wrong.

"Eponine. You're stuttering. You only stutter when something is up." He persisted.

Eponine sighed. She couldn't tell him, could she?


Eponine sat down on her bed quietly with all of her textbooks. Enjolras couldn't study with her tonight, so Courfeyrac volunteered. It wasn't a usual thing for him to jump to help right away, so that was the first thing out of place. Courfeyrac sat down fairly close to her, freaking her out a bit. Sure, Courfeyrac WAS a flirt and a very persistent one, but this was something new. He looked different too... Perhaps, he cleaned up a bit more. That was Eponine's second clue to the events to follow.

"Eponine? Are you there?" Courfeyrac asked her. "You are a bit.... Distant...." He was concerned. A rare thing for the species called "Courfeyrac".

"I've got you worried! That shows you care quite alot!" Eponine chuckled.

Courfeyrac muttered something incomprehensible. "W-Well you are dating my best friend." He covers himself up. "Whatever. Let's work on our country's history." As he talked on and on, Eponine slowly started to ignore him. She focused more on how his lips moved, or his eyes lit up at parts. She looked at his curly hair and blue eyes. How much he resembled Enjolras when in deep concentration.
"Ep... Did ya get anything outta that?" He asked her.

"Revolution was in 1790's!" She randomly burst causing him to chuckle. Then she yawns.

"What? You wanna continue?" He wondered.

"I wanna read for a bit." She yawned.

"Okay." And together the sat down reading. Hours passed and they both fell asleep.


Courfeyrac woke up with Eponine in his arms. They must have fell asleep that way.

He tried to move, but then Eponine repositioned herself. She mumbled and pulled him closer, and he didn't protest. He just laid there.

Eponine awoke noticing she was in his arms. "WHY DIDNT YOU WAKE ME?" she practically yelled.

"You were comfortable. And..... It was fine." He told her.

"FINE? I WAS LAYING ON TOP OF-" She mumbled the last word under his lips.

He kissed her. She kissed him back. That was why.


He kissed Eponine, and she might have liked it. she did like it. Maybe even liked him.

"Promise not to get mad?" Eponine whispered.

"I could never be mad at you." He sighed.

"Courfeyrac and I k-k-kissed." She said.

"Didyoukisshim?" He mashed his words together. "NO! NO! WAIT a minute! Doyoulovehim?" He mashed.

All Eponine could do was slightly nod. It was the truth.

"I-I can't handle this right now." He said and with that, he ran off into the streets of Paris.

Eponine slid down in her place, crying.


Enjolras sat down on a bench in a park a few miles north from the Eiffel Tower. He was confused by what happened. Did his best friend kiss the girl he loved? Did the girl he love kiss him back? Most importantly, did the girl he love love his best friend? What was going to happen to 'Enjonine, the Power Couple' as his friends called the young couple? How was everyone else gonna be affected by this? Would Azelma kill him? Would Gavroche break every bone in his body? Most importantly, what would The Amis do to him and his best friend for breaking Eponine? Eponine was probably ton to pieces after he left her all alone up there. Eponine might never be the same. These were the thoughts that buzzed through Enjolras' mind.

'What has happened to life? You ask one question, and everything you had known, or thought you had, comes tumbling down on you....' Enjolras thought. 'One question and the life you have known, becomes the life you might have known. One question. One. Simple. Question. It all comes to a end with just a simple question, and in this case, it was 'What's wrong?'.'Enjolras sighed.'But what to do? No one in their right mind will forgive a hopeless fool like me. Why did I run off? I broke the promise I had made, too. How could I have done that to Eponine?' Enjolras again let out a huge, tired sigh.

He was going to have to seek forgiveness from Eponine, but how? If only he knew. If. Only. He. Knew.


Eponine was still in her crying position on the Eiffel Tower when she heard a familiar voice.

"Eponine! Hey!" She could feel the grin ear to ear that the person was most likely giving.

'Oh, no. Not him. Anyone but him.' Eponine thought to herself. But it was him. Only him. Nobody but him.

Eponine took a deep breath and sighed. "What do you want, Courfeyrac?"

"Aren't you a feisty one?" He teased." For your information, I wanted to see my girl."

Meet Courfeyrac the annoying flirt. The side that, if you were a Amis Member or a woman, you saw VERY frequently. It annoyed most people, at the moment it was annoying Eponine.

"I. Am. Not. Your. Girl." Eponine spat through clenched teeth. "You caused me so much pain in the last half hour that I could kill you right on the spot." She said loud enough for anyone in a twenty mile radius to hear.

"Yes you are. You kissed me back.' He sighed lovesick.

At that moment, he grabbed Eponine and kissed her. Eponine was stiff and fought back. Eponine kicked him in the shin and he fell to the ground.

"Leave me alone." She spat at him.

"You know I will, alway will, love you." Courfeyrac responded.

With that, Eponine trudged away, going to the apartment she called home. Thankfully without anyone following her.


After two weeks of tears and heartbreak, Eponine couldn't take it anymore. She had gave up. On Love. On boys. On people. On friends. On peace. On family. Most shockingly, on life. She had to find a escape.

There was a time when Eponine was younger, she used to slit her wrist out of pain. She used to feel selfsatisfied that she made herself bleed. That used to be her only way to forgive herself.

Slitting her wrist was a child's toy, compared to the extreme ness of what she was about to do. Eponine had left a note. She had said that she was sorry for all the crap she had caused. Was sorry enough? No.

Eponine was on the roof a the apartment building. She was very close to the edge. If someone would push her, she could fall. But why would she jump?

Eponine thought until she heard a familiar voice say," don't do it, Ep!"

"Why shouldn't I?" She was annoyed.

"Beacause people care about you." The voice stated.

"Oh really? Who?" Eponine had a sarcastic tone. Did this voice really think she had the guts to jump?

"Me." The voice said softly. "I do."

Eponine turned to see a familiar mop of curly hair and feel someone pull her down, despite her kicks and screams. Enjolras sat her down and layer down on the cold roof top, looking at the stars.

"Ever wish you could just freeze in the moment?" He asked.

Eponine simply nodded and wandered around for a bit, then layed down next to him. He played with her hair as she sat there.

"Ep. I'm sorry I overreacted." He sighed.

"I'm sorry too." She softly said.

And they kissed under stars, feeling electricity and sparks everywhere. Him wrapping his arms around her waist, and her hands around her neck. They could have stayed there for ages.

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