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****MODERN ENJONINE****Ever since Enjolras saw her at the cafe, he has never been the same. Slowly growing kinder, and softening up. Caring more about others. Will the mystery girl be the one to break the coldness within? E/E Modern AU


21. In Their Life

This chapter is a In My Life/ Heart Full of Love scene with Eponine as Cosette, Enjolras as Marius and Grantaire as Eponine (yes, I know he is with Massie, but there are still some feels there.). I know some of you might think I'm a crazy lunatic for this, but PLEASE read it anyways!!!! Wow..... I must be desperate.... Lol.... So, anyways, enjoy!

I CHANGED THE LYRICS! YES, I DO KNOW THAT! (Sorry... Just puttin' that out there...)

Eponine had finally got her own apartment, but out of fear, Eponine told no one where it was. Not only that, but it was a horrible area in the Slums of Paris. She didn't want any of the Amis to find her here.

Eponine sat on her bed and sighed. She loved to sing. It was her way to think things through.

"How strange. This feeling that my life's begun at last. Can people really fall in love so fast? What's the matter with me? Have I been on the streets to long? So many things unclear! So many times I have felt alone." Eponine looked out of her window. "In my life. There are so many things I question and so many things that seem wrong! In my life. I sometimes get caught up in the sigh of a faraway song and it sings of a world that I have long longed to see. Out of reach! Just a breath away waiting for me! Do I know if I love him? Do I really know how I feel? Does he see what I see? Does he feel what I feel? In my life. I'm no longer alone! Now the love in my life is so near! Find me now find me here!" Eponine sat down by the window and daydreamed.


Enjolras had asked Grantaire if he could help him find Eponine's apartment. Grantaire hesitantly gave in.

"In my life, she has always been like the music of angels! The light of the sun. And my heart, seems to stop whenever I see her like something has abruptly begun!" He was telling Grantaire.

Grantaire, carrying a cargo of wine, smirked. "Pontmercy, much?"

Enjolras had ignored him. "'Taire you are the friend that has brought me here! Thanks to you! I am at one with the world and life is nearly complete." He sighed happily.

'Every word he says is a dagger in me. In my life. There has been no one like him anywhere where he is, but he would never want a drunk like me.' Grantaire thought sadly and sighed.

"I can feel it. She's near!" He was estatic. "Merci, R!" He laughed lightly.

Eponine heard a bang on her balcony (not much of one.) window. She immediately ran outside to see a certain person standing their singing.

"A heart full of love! A heart full of you! I'm doing everything all wrong! Why did you ever leave? Dear mademoiselle, won't you say? Will you tell?" The man with a mess of curly hair sang.

Eponine laughed. "You're gonna wake Gavroche!" She had nearly forgot Gavroce stayed the night at her house. He made a guesture and finally got her to sing back. "A heart full of love! No fear! No regrets!" She giggled.

"I am forever yours, Eponine!"

"And I, yours too!"

"Eponine! I don't know what to say!" He sighed.

"Then make no sound!" She used the old line.

"I am lost in your beauty."

"I am found."

"A heart full of love!"

"He was never mine to lose!" Grantaire whispered to himself.

"A night full of you!" They harmonized.

"Why regret what could not be?" He said under his breath.

"A single day then I knew!" Enjolras sang.

"I knew it too!" Eponine sang.

"These are words he'll never say! Not to me." Grantaire took a swig of his wine. "Besides Eponine is my best friend. I can't hurt her.

"From today."

"Not to me, not for me." He chugged more.

"Everyday." Eponine sighed lovesick like she used to do around Marius.

"His heart full of love! He will never feel this way!" Grantaire cried out unnoticed while the couple sang the last words, "for it was never a dream! Not a dream after all!"

"How did you hear that?" Eponine asked.

"A certain idiot."he referred to Marius.

"Ha!" Eponine sighed. She remembered when after Marius and Cosette officially met, she caught them singing something like that.

Little did the two notice Gavroche watching them inside. The young boy sighed, smirked at his sneakiness, and thought to himself.' Oh Eponine! Little you know! Little you see!' He was referring to his little view of what just happened.

Eponine sat down on her usual seat in Café Musian with Cosette, Marius and her love sitting around her. They had ordered appetizers consisting of Nachos and something that had a hard to pronounce name.

Thy talked a bit and laughed at each other's crappy jokes.

"So, how was the week Eponine? Y'know how it is!" Cosette sighed.

"Same as every week." Eponine said with a identical sigh.

"Y'know what we need? We need a girls day!" Cosette excitedly said.

Eponine made a noise of disgust. "No."

"C'mon it'll be fun."Cosette urged.

"What will ya give me?" Eponine asks.

"Anything!" Cosette cried out.

"Got ya all excited now? But God knows why you want me to go! Aren't y'all delighted now? No I don't want your money mademoiselle." She stated frankly.

"If ya come, well do what you want next time!"she tried.

"Fine." Eponine sighed.

"Yay!" Cosette squealed.

As they talked, Eponine tried to get Cosette to pass her the chips.

"Cosette! You heard me ask for somethin' and I never ask twice!" She joked.

Cosette immediately paled as everything came back to her. "How long have you known?" She asked.

"Ever since we met."

Cosette ran out with Marius trailing close behind.

Yes, I know it was TOO short! But it ties the attack on Rue Plummet in. (Whoops.... Just revealed a secret....)
Eponine XX XD

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