Hers to Lose.....

****MODERN ENJONINE****Ever since Enjolras saw her at the cafe, he has never been the same. Slowly growing kinder, and softening up. Caring more about others. Will the mystery girl be the one to break the coldness within? E/E Modern AU


22. Attack On Rue Plummet/ Drink With Me

Eponine sat on the steps of Cosette's house deciding how to apologize. She would have tried just talking, but Cosette wouldn't stay calm, she would fly off the handle and with Marius there, it wouldn't be any better. He would comfort her and Eponine's heart would drop into a pit.

Eponine sat up and grasped the handle but then heard a familiar voice.

"Who is this? Oh, it's Eponine! Why ya hangin' about these people? Is it because you are just a charity case." The voice jabbed at Eponine.

Eponine immediately spun around. She paled. "How-how did you get out?" She stuttered. It was Montparnesse.

"Bailed out." Montparnesse said happily.

"Who in the hell would bail YOU out?" Eponine bitterly spat.

"Unlike you and your fake friends, I actually have some friends." He stated.

"Sure ya do." Eponine muttered.

"What was that? You forget, I still can beat you." He told her daringly. "In fact, I'm not afraid to go back for murder." He emphasized the word murder.

"I. Said. Sure. Ya. Do. What are you? Deaf?" Eponine signed her life away and smacked him.

"No, but when I get done with you, you might be." Montparnesse yelled.

Motparnesse pushed Eponine up against the wall as he had done many times. Eponine bit her lip in pain as her back slammed against the wall with much force.

"Oh. I'm sorry! Did I hurt ya?" He sarcastically questioned.Eponine spit in his face earning her a slap."Too much for ya?"

"Monty. You know me. I am stronger than you." She daringly told him. "Besides, you don't want this house. They people are poor." The Fachulevent's are very rich actually.

"Don't be that way beautiful." He joked.

Montparnesse put his lips to her and tried to kiss her like he had done multiple times. Eponine struggled and when he pulled back, she slapped him.

Montparnesse punched her multiple times in the stomach, causing Eponine to catch her breath in her throat. Eponine screamed and he ran.

Eponine dropped to the ground and clutched her stomach.

Cosette heard a bloodcurdling scream and rushed out. There, across the drive, she saw a crippled figure.

"Eppie!" She called as she ran over.

"I'm sorry." Eponine croaked.

"I'm sorry too."

And the pair rushed inside.


Cosette had forced Eponine to go to a bonfire with the Amis. Cosette knew how much Eponine hated parties, but had insisted. Why did she have to go? Cosette said that it was mandatory.

'Ugh! I hate parties." Eponine thought as Cosette made her try on many different clothes.

Cosette finally settled on a single sundress that was blue. It had white stripes going across it and was knee length. "There. That should do!" Cosette clapped.

"If I wear this, you have to wear this." Eponine pulled out a green sundress with white polkadots.

"Fine."Cosette sighed as she pinned Eponine's hair into a bun, then braided hers.


It was a dark warm summer night. School had just let out meaning there was College in August. Eponine's mood had been turned because of the acceptance letter she had received into her dream college in Britain.

She rushed over to the overly busy Enjolras. "Guess what! I got accepted." She practically yelled.

"Yeah. That's- that's great." Enjolras said monotony without looking up.

Eponine sighed. He had been doing this to her for a few weeks. "Yeah. I know. This means I am moving to the U.K. in August." She tried.

"Mhmm" Enjolras did the same thing.

Eponine just sighed and hung out with

Massie sat down next to Grantaire. "Hey." She sighed.

"What's wrong?" He asked worriedly.

"Enjolras is still ignoring Eponine."she sighed.

"Well, if it was up to me, I would yell at him, but Eponine said not to." He told Massie.

"Oh well." She sighed.

He kissed her softly as she wrapped her arms around his neck. "If I had 11 more roses, you'd be the perfect dozen." He softly mumbled.

Massie smiled, causing her nose to crinkle up slightly.

"Love ya." She said messing with his hair.

Grantaire gave her a half smile and grabbed her hand, placing a kiss on it. "And I, you."


At one point, Grantaire passed around a bottle of beer to everyone but little fourteen year old Gavroche who had a coke in a beer bottle form.

"Drink with me till days gone by." He started.

This was a song you learned when you were younger. Growing up in Paris, parents used to sing this to their kids.

"To the life." A few joined in.

"To the life." Gavroche echoed.

"That used."

"That used."

"To be."

"To be."

"At the shrine of friendship never say die. Let the wine of friendship never run dry." They sang together.

"Here's to you." They sang.

"Here's to you." Gavroche echoed.

"And here's to me." Everyone sang the last note.

Grantaire ended it by kissing Massie passionately on the lips.

Yes, I know they are all 17, or 19. Please don't comment about that.

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