The Way We Are

My name is Campbelle Brooks, also known as every female Directioner’s worst nightmare.

Formerly known as Liam Payne’s best friend; Louis Tomlinson’s mortal enemy; Niall Horan’s erotic fixation; Harry Styles’ secret fuck buddy, and Zayn Malik’s girlfriend, now you know the reasons why everyone wants to murder me in my sleep.

It’s been a year since I got banished off the whole band’s life. Shamed and heart broken, I promised myself that I will forget everything that’s got to do with One Direction or that I even met them.

Only, life truly is a bitch. After getting an unplanned visit from an old forgotten friend, it was inevitable –again, here comes trouble.

"Somewhere in between falling in love with our midnight conversations that were exhaled through cigarette breaths and interrupted by coffee stains, and reading the love notes you had written on my flesh, I realized, I am in love with the presence of your words and the feel of your existence.

But am I in love with you?


14. Fourteen

THE WAY WE ARE Fourteen “I used to be afraid of letting go The fragile part of me, I'm here right now I need you to set me free I can see it in your eyes That you won't blame on me this time No, never And I want you back but I won't look back, no.” See No More – Joe Jonas It’s official. Luck and Campbelle Brooks just don’t quite mix well together –like, ever. On the contrary, I got a call back from one of the company I applied for. I really needed a job and so I spent a whole day applying and passing resumes online for some publishing houses and companies that I was qualified to work for. It was like college all over again. I already forgot how stressful everything was. The interview started okay, really. Olivia, my interviewer, looked harmless and just seemed cool so job interview anxiety was completely thrown out of the box. I was very much positive that I could get the job. Olivia smiled at me and began talking, “Ms. Brooks, I’ve studied your papers, and I must say that you’ve earned impressive credentials in college. Also, your recommendation letters from your three internships mentioned you’re a very passionate and dedicated worker and that’s the biggest quality we’re looking for an employee. You’re actually more than qualified for the position you’re applying here. But I’ve got just one question for you, if you don’t mind me asking.” I nodded and so she continued, “It says in here that you haven’t had a job for three years now ever since you graduated from school. In 2011, you were an intern for Harper’s for four months, and I found out from the editor herself that you’ve declined the offer of a permanent job in the company. They normally don’t do that if you’re just a college intern, especially when you’re just eighteen years old back then, but clearly they saw potential in you as much as I can see in your records and recommendation history right now. Would you mind telling me why you didn’t accept it?” I didn’t want to mention anything, especially them, but the pressure began to take over me. I couldn’t think of a good lie so I just blurted, “I- uhm. Actually, I declined the job because I went on tour around places with my best friend.” The whole offer was a bad timing. It was probably one of the worst decisions I ever made in my life if I think about it now. I enjoyed every single day I worked as an intern for Harper’s because it’s always been a dream of mine to work there, but I promised Liam I’d be his biggest supporter once he becomes famous. He expected me to come with him while he’s on tour so I said yes –because I’m the best of all the best friends then. And I just started dating Zayn Malik, of course I wanted to be always with them that’s why I chose them instead of my dream job thinking I’d be more happy to travel across the world with my best friends and boyfriend. If I could go back in time, I would have chosen that job instead of being a roadie for One Direction. I wouldn’t even have a change of heart. It would’ve been better. Life would’ve been fine for us if I didn’t choose them over a permanent job in the first place. “You mean, like a vacation?” she asked in confusion. “No, Ma’am. My best friend is in a band and I went on tour with him around the country and some other places abroad. That’s why I didn’t accept the job in Harper’s.” “Oh. Would you mind again if I ask in what band your best friend is?” she asked politely as possible. “I’m actually best friends with Liam Payne, the guy from One Direction.” The interviewer gave me an odd glance at first, it dawned to her thereafter, and she added, “Then that explains why my secretary looked ecstatic when she said Campbelle Brooks is here for her interview. You’re Campbelle Brooks. Of course, you’re best friends with One Direction. I know it ringed a bell when I read your name.” On that note, I was sure I wouldn’t get the job. But I was still trying to be optimistic. I swear being named after a mushroom soup is a bad luck. But I wasn’t named after it! The name Campbelle actually means ‘Light of life’. It’s like Mum had a premonition even before I was conceived that her first born would be put on the spotlight so it needs a kickass name and voila! Even Harry mentioned before that I glow, remember? No wonder everyone sees me even if I don’t want them to. With the paper fluttering in her hand, she said, “I’m sorry, but I’m not sure if we’re okay with hiring celebrities as employees when we’re a company who based articles about celebrities themselves.” Burn. “But I’m not a celebrity, Ma’am,” I said in my defense. “Even if technically, I’m not a fan of One Direction, I’m pretty sure I’ve read your name twice the number than Miley Cyrus’. You’re highly considered as famous, darling. We’ve probably written articles about you too. Probably bad ones too, because you know what happens when a girl is associated with One Direction, right? If I hire you now, what would our readers say if they read your name in our magazine and see that you’re working for us? I’m sorry, but it’s for the best for both sides –our and yours to be exact.” And as expected, I went home just completely devastated. I didn’t get the job. I’ve always have a hard time dealing with rejection, especially when the only thing I’m confident about myself is that I know I’m competent to work and be something because I worked by butt off all throughout school just to earn those high marks. What makes this rejection hard to accept is that their reason was because I’m associated with someone famous. I’m not going to freaking blame myself with this. They’ve judged me even before I could show them what I can do just because they’ve read my name on the entertainment section of tabloids. It hurts me that I don’t even know who I really am anymore. It was like I forgot how to be myself –my real self. How do I know the real me when everyone thinks I’m no different than the other girls who just wanted to be famous. How do I make myself be something else, not just a face in the front page of magazines? I don’t know how to restart a new life in this big city when everyone can’t forget what I did. In my head, it was like they only wanted to know me as Campbelle Brooks -that whore of a girl who messed her life because she screwed One Direction two years ago. Harry was already waiting in the living room when I got to the flat. He greeted me with the warmest smile he could show, and I know by then that he’s expecting I’d tell him good news. I gave him a sad smile, sucked a breath and sighed, “I didn’t get it.” His eyes went wide for a second before he sat up and stepped towards me. Immediately, I was wrapped inside his arms, pressed his lips to my forehead and pulled my head into his chest. It was comforting in all ways and it stopped whatever emotion was building up in my chest. I could feel my eyes dampen and well up with tears that could fall any second. It was like just one touch and he already understood what was going through my head, and that I needed something from him so I won’t hurt any further. I tilted my head so to meet his comforting gaze at me, slowly tiptoed so I could meet him and pressed a chaste kiss on his lips. Harry placed his hands on my face and deepened our kiss. Just as what I expected him to give me. I didn’t know what else to need. Every single time I feel the pain going through every fiber of my body, asking Harry to make me numb was my last resort. It sucks that it’s always been this one way street for Harry and me. It was like I’m making him feel that he’s obliged to give me everything when I’m in pain or depressed, and I couldn’t even say I’m thankful for him being so very patient with me. Life wants to screw me more times than Liam and I shagged on top of his 14th floor apartment’s balcony. “Come with me,” Harry whispered in my ear, “I know exactly what will make you feel better.” Of course the only thing going through my head at that very second that he mentioned he knew what will make me feel better was sex, and it better be rougher than the one we had last night in his kitchen island. Harry pulled me towards one of his spare room. I latched my arms around his neck, pulling his warm body closer to mine as soon as my back hit the door and resumed kissing him with more vigor. His hands left my waist for a second just so to open the door and take us inside the room. He pinned me against the wall once again and flickered on the light switch giving the whole room a bright white light around. I didn’t know what the room was for. I haven’t wandered anywhere else other than Harry’s own bedroom so I thought it was okay to see what Harry was keeping in the spare room. My lips stopped moving. I froze. All four walls were painted in white, there was no single furniture in sight but there was one small ladder leaning against the wall and under it were a few buckets of what I perfectly know were paint. Melancholia hit me like a huge tidal wave, engulfing me down to the unfathomable depths of unforgotten scenes from what seems just like yesterday, taking me back to that only time I know the only place in this world I’d ever want to be was with Zayn. Spring 2012 Today was a complete torture for me. I had to stay up too late in the office because we needed to meet the editor’s deadline for the issue next month. Cosmopolitan was way busier than the other publishing house I worked for but I have no complaints at all. I needed these recommendations for my future. The bottoms of my feet were swollen from running everywhere with high heels on for the whole day. I groaned painfully because my back ached with a simple stretch out. The entire day had been consuming and very stressful for me, and all I wanted to do was to strip down and rest. I wonder if I could allure Zayn with my bloodshot eyes to give me some foot massage. I know I should look beautiful for my boyfriend but dear God, I’m just really too tired to even run my fingers and tame my curls. But hell, I’d do anything for a massage at this point. I walked inside the house and saw Zayn cuddled up in his couch. He just came back from tour and was giddy all day, texting me, asking what time will I come home. It’s been a few weeks –nine weeks to be exact- since I left the tour so to complete my internships before I graduate on October. I could not wait anymore till I graduate so I can come to their world tour. Even if it meant not being able to get a permanent job somewhere for quite a while –a year or two-, going around places I’ve never been to before with my boys would be an adventure I wouldn’t want to miss for anything. Upon seeing me enter his house, he jumped out of the couch and I was soon greeted with his hands shakily reaching out for my face and repeatedly kissing me in every inch of my face until his lips craved into the familiar movement of how my lips were against his. It’s been too long. Way, way too long since the last time I kissed him. Those sweet, tender lips no girl wouldn’t want to miss at all, I was lucky to have someone like him. His hands wandered to my hair and entwined it with his fingers, bringing me even closer to him, virtually no space left in between us. Just the thought of Zayn this close to me again, with us spending the night together, was already enough to lift all the tiredness away from my body. Nobody has the slightest idea how much Zayn means everything to me. “Miss me much?” Zayn grinned before he responded, “Isn’t that obvious?” and placed another kiss on my lips. And another one. And another one. And another one. It is so not obvious. “How was your day, babe?” Zayn asked. “I think Margie wants to kill me. I swear she doesn’t like me.” I told him. Margie was the assistant editor. She’s even stricter than Cristina herself, the editor-in-chief, and out of all the ten interns she only had her eyes on me. She probably thinks I’ll break down with how awful she treats me, but I don’t cry because she makes me feel inferior. There’s a lot to break in me before I could even shed one single tear, and Margie won’t be that person to make me. She may be a bitch, but I’m a bigger bitch. Only, unlike her, I know how to tame myself when I’m on a workplace. “She made me run to every department just so to check on the heads if they’re on schedule with the printing on Thursday.” I explained to Zayn. He frowned back and asked, “Couldn’t she just call them rather than making you run all over the place?” “I told you she hates me,” I whined. Zayn looked serious as he said, “I demand to speak with her tomorrow. I do not like how she’s treating my Campbelle.” Oh, I might get that damn foot massage without even seducing. I little more whining, I suppose. “Aww, you’re so cute.” I couldn’t help it because you wouldn’t want to waste your time when Zayn Malik is right in front of you, not on a Skype but in person, giving you the most enticing stare you’ll ever see in your entire life. I quickly grabbed his face and pressed another kiss on his lips. I felt his lips move against mine as he said, “You’re my girl. You only deserve all the best in the world.” Damn, you Campbelle Brooks are one lucky bitch. Zayn reached for me and I let him wrap his arms around me. He pulled me against him and I could feel his heart beating in rhythm with mine. Zayn have such a good heart. How can someone not love him when he’s just beautiful inside and out. It’s still a mystery for me how did fate come up with the decision that I deserve someone like him when I’m just a plain bland one. He prepared dinner for us and popped some horror movie in the DVD player, so much to my surprise because Zayn’s not fond of scary movies. He just really wants to cuddle while I enjoyed the goriness of it. Have you heard him shriek? Boy, he’s not that much of a Bradford bad boy honestly, and that makes me love him even more. After the movie, I let Zayn take me upstairs like we’re some newly married couple ready to ravish one another on their honeymoon. Told you it’s been weeks. The need for some Zayn action was beyond limit already. I wouldn’t want to waste any single moment we’re given. Zayn thought of the same. The second we locked ourselves in his dim lighted room, he was quick to grab my face and kissed me like I’ve been gone all his life. It soon brought me back the energy that was lost from all the hard work in the office. The kisses took on a life of their own – ranging from sweet and playful to hard and desperate. Without breaking our kiss, I unbuttoned his pants while he took my blazer off my body, showing him that tight fitting black dress we’re obliged to wear in the office. I’ve got eight more of them, I couldn’t care less if Zayn tears it away like a savage beast ready to take his prey. He kicked his pants off and left them by the door. Our kiss only broke when he got rid of that red shirt he wore. Have I mentioned before that Zayn knows I get really feisty whenever I see him in anything red? He purposely wore it tonight so I would go loco all over him. My boy wants it rough. Like, always. After taking his own shirt off, Zayn then began fiddling with the zipper of my dress and with one swift movement, he got it undone. The dress fell down the floor, leaving both of us barely naked. We walked towards his bed until the back of my knees hit the edge and I fell on the mattress, earning a giggle from me and he looked down on me seductively. “The tour’s uneventful when you’re not there with us, and it’s the hardest for me because I always miss you.” he said as he slowly laid down on top of me. I felt Zayn’s fingers caress the side of my bare leg. I looked into his eyes. He was looking back at me. And then, his lips found mine again. It was full of want and need. We both wanted and we both needed. “It’s just a few more months before graduation. After that I’ll be back on the tour with you. By then, I promise you won’t have to miss me anymore.” I told him back as I grabbed on his neck and pulled him for another round. Zayn’s lips met mine in a delicate, slow rhythm. He had his hands on either side of my face, his fingertips rubbed soft circles on my cheeks. He was so gentle right then that I had to open my eyes and make sure it was really Zayn on top of me. When my lips began to move against his, the kiss became harder, more passionate. His tongue pushed into my mouth and I moaned around it. My fingers came up to intertwine with his hair as his hands gripped my hips, pulling my body closer to him. His started rolling his hips down into mine and I groaned from the friction. He ran his hands down my sides and stopped at my thighs as he continued to kiss me. He grabbed the back of my legs and pulled them up around his back. I hooked my feet together and started moving my hips with the rhythm his were already making. I could feel him getting harder again my thigh, and I feel myself getting wetter by the second. His eyes met the top of my breast that were peeking out over the top of my bra. I just smirked back at how lustful his brown eyes showed. My poor deprived man. I arched my back to give him the permission to take them off and he quickly got the signal. His fingers fumbled with the clasps for a second before he tore it away from body and threw it on the floor with the rest of our clothes. Zayn’s eyes hungrily took them in, before his hands wanted a turn. His kneading of my breasts was soft and slow. He was enjoying every single second of it. I moaned and he smirked back before his mouth moved to take my right nipple in it. Oh god. His hot mouth and swirling tongue was making me incredibly aware of how turned on that I was. “You’re so beautiful… everything about you is just so beautiful, Campbelle.” Zayn said before he took my next nipple in his mouth. My response only came out as a quiet grunt as the pleasure raked through my body. His hands pulled my hips into his body as his mouth came back up to my lips. I welcomed his tongue into my mouth willingly. I was hungry for him. His hands moved down to my ass and he was pulling me up to him. “Fuck you, you’ve been away far too long, woman.” Zayn cursed in my mouth. Oh God, his dirty mouth is what I’m most turned on. “Then let’s end your sexual drought.” I whispered back at him. I pushed him away and rolled us over so I was on top of him. I smirked deviously at him as I sat up and dragged his boxer shorts down, letting them fall on his ankles, revealing all of him to me. My eyes feasted at its thickness. I grasped on his rock hard length in my hands, moving my mouth towards it. I took the head into my mouth, swirling my tongue around it. He moaned as his head flopped back. I began a slow torturous bob on his shaft, occasionally pulling it out to lick up the shaft or to focus on the head with my tongue. The way Zayn’s head jerking and moaning were gratification enough for me that I was doing a damn good job at him. I’ve had enough practice to perfect this, and seeing how my man loved it, I congratulate myself and also, Liam’s dick. I just sounded like a slut. Huh. I retracted my mouth, pulling his head out of it with a ‘pop’ that earned me deep scream from him. He eyes met mine as he growled, “You naughty little Campbelle,” Once again, he rolled us over. His eyes stared down at my black lace panties and began rubbing his palm over my mound. “You just got yourself in real trouble, Brooks.” He took the sides of my panties and slid them slowly down my legs, savoring everything laid before his eyes. Once he pulled them off, he grabbed my left leg, lifting it up to his face and placed a kiss on the inside of my ankle. His kisses trailed all the way down my leg to my inner thigh, where he stopped and looked up at me. I was watching him contently. He gave me a devilish smile before his lips met my womanhood. His tongue was hot and velvety as it explored my folds. It felt amazing and only got better when he found my clit, swirling the tip of his tongue around it, before he sucked at it with his lips. “Oh mother of god…” I moaned out. “You liked that?” he smirked looking up at me, still ravishing me with his dirty fucking tongue. “I should get in trouble me more often.” I breathed out as I balled the sheets in my fist. “Oh my god, Zayn…” “Are you in for more?” he asked as he began crawling back on top of me. “You know me very well, Malik.” Again, I reached down and wrapped my hand on his length. I hooked my legs on his waist as he positioned himself on my entry. With that, Zayn pushed inside of me. I moaned as he did, because he filled me up and then some. His slow delicate rhythms were soothing and nice, but my desire for him was raging inside of me. Soon as he got himself on focus, he sped up his motion and the burning pain shot all throughout my body as he pounded on me with much roughness this time. He was hitting all the rights spots over and over again. The pleasure inside me was beyond comprehension, it was consuming but in such a fucking good way. His motions sped up, adding to the waves of orgasm that were lapping over me. A few more deep thrusts later, and Zayn was spilling himself for me as well. Zayn collapsed on top of me, with our sweaty limbs still tangled in the bed as we tried to catch for our breath. He rested his face on my collar bone and I couldn’t help but smile. I love him. God, I want to tell him I love him so much. I don’t know what’s stopping me from saying those three words out, but I’m sure I love Zayn. I couldn’t be anything without him. It’s Zayn I see myself with. It’s only with Zayn, always be just with him. “Campbelle,” I heard him called me out in such sweet, delicate tone I’ve always liked about him. “I’ve got another surprise for you.” he said. “You spoil me too much.” I said. Zayn got up and grabbed on his boxers. He handed me back my underwear and his red t-shirt. The strong musk cologne in it just got me happy as it stick on my skin. I always felt wonderful when I’m in his clothes. Once decent, he pulled me out of his room and took me to one of his spare room in his house. I gave Zayn a quizzical look. “Should I be scared?” He shook his head, laughing back at me. I was legit scared. How many times do I have to tell them I hate surprises? Zayn opened the door for me. I took a step forward but kept my hands interlocked with his. “Trust me, you’ll love this.” he reassured. The whole room was large and spacious, but it wasn’t made to be a bedroom or anything. Lying on the floor were pints of paint in every possible color, some spray paint stacked neatly in one table with different sizes of paint brushes, and two ladders were put on stand. All four walls were painted in white, but what caught most of my attention was the drawing right in the middle of the wall in front of me. “Do you still remember all those times we do art together when both of us gets bored on the tour? Remember how we once lost track of time and I was actually late for the show in San Francisco because I didn’t want to go and leave you to do it alone? Remember how those were our fun times, just the two of us? That was just one of those times I know I’m sure I want to be with you always, and that I’m sure I feel something more for you.” Drafted by using rough strokes of black paint, Zayn drew two people –a boy and a girl- in the middle of the bed with tangled sheets, embracing each other. Around the bed, he’s written the words ‘Home is wherever I’m with you.’ “I made this while I was waiting for you to come home. I made this for you. But I didn’t want to finish it all by myself, I want us to,” he whispered right in my ears while he pressed himself on my back and wrapped his arms around my waist. I felt his stubbles tickle my cheeks as he continued on, “It’s because I wanted to know if you feel the same, Campbelle.” Tentatively, I turned around and faced him. My chest wanted to burst with every emotion I felt when he told me those endearing words no other man has ever told me before. I enveloped him in a hug. I squeezed his waist with everything I had in me and buried my face in his shoulder, drinking in his warm, comforting scent that relaxed me. When I shut my eyes as tightly as I could, it was just me and Zayn. He returned my hug with fevour, “I’m happiest when I’m with you,” He rested his cheek against my hair and I sank further and further into him, tears somehow leaking from my tightly shut eyes. He added, “They showed on every art I made with you. How I’m not only passionate on doing arts with you, but I’m more passionate towards you that I feel really complete with you by my side.” His beautiful eyes weren’t lying to me when I looked back at them. Those bright brown eyes I’ve always loved showed me he meant every word he’s uttered to me. They only showed how honest he was. He stared at me so lovingly that I knew he'd always been true, just like he said. Everything was just blissful right in the spot where we stood. And I prayed. Please don’t let this moment end. “They say, ‘home is where your heart is’. You’ve taken my heart -all of it. Whenever I’m with you, I don’t feel like missing the comfort of my home in Bradford at all, because you make me feel safe and warm like how home back in Bradford once was for me. It’s taken me long enough to realize I couldn’t be anywhere in my life without you, Campbelle. You’re my love. You’re my home. You’re everything that I’ll ever need.” Every word he said sounded beautiful and melodic. No one had ever said those words to me romantically, and I'd never really imagined a world without him as well. Zayn has waited long enough. There was nothing stopping me now from telling him those words he’s wanting to hear all this time. “I never said it out loud, but I’ve always been in love with you. I always, always have. For so long, I’ve wanted you to know that I love you. I really love you, Zayn.” I paused and stared in his eyes as tears came flowing from my own. “If there’s one place I’d rather be, it will be always with you, nowhere else but with you.” Zayn smiled warmly at me, wiping the tears away from my eyes. I didn’t want to cry but there’s just so much in my chest. I was there, wrapped in the loving arms of the man who means bigger than the world to me. The man I loved the most. He made me believe I was beautiful. He made me believe that I could mean to someone more than his life. He made me believe that love still exists in this world of ours, and that I could be loved. I leaned forward and delicately pressed my lips on his. I did them all in a simple kiss. That one kiss which was different from all the rest of the kisses we’ve shared tonight. It was honest. It was true. It was love. Lacing my hands back with his, I asked politely, “Let’s finish this masterpiece together then?” Zayn smiled back at me and replied, “Together.” - Insisting me to get creative now was the worst idea Harry ever pulled. He must have thought it would be a good distraction for me, that doing arts like those times before would become a therapy of some sort while I fix everything in my life. But Harry doesn’t understand me in this one. I spent days locking myself inside the spare room which Harry transformed into an art room for me. I haven’t done anything artsy for years. There were moments I try to hold on a paint brush and try to do something, but I just end up splashing the paint all over the wall out of the frustration that I couldn’t be able to do anything anymore. I lack the most crucial element an artist needed, -inspiration. There was just no room inside my brain that was meant for it. The spark of motivation was long gone since that day Zayn said goodbye. He was the only one who could give it to me. But when he left, when we broke apart, everything else was gone. What makes it worst was he didn’t even let me leave with any to spare me for life. The white paint perfectly described what I was. Blank. Dull. I wasn’t beautiful. I was deprived of color. I lack life. I was nothing at all. I was empty. I can’t be sad when I’m just empty. I can’t be anything. And to tell the truth, I have finally felt it was the end of my world. ----------(The Way We Are)--------- Zayn and Perrie’s engagement party happens tonight. I made it clear to Liam, to Harry, and even to Mary Anne that I wasn’t coming even if I was to be dragged to the venue by fifty large men. Thank heavens I got Mitchie to save me from killing myself tonight with all the pressure I have been feeling because of them. I seriously thought of hurting myself when Liam asked me for the fifth time to come with him. We’re still not in good terms. He’s becoming more annoying like Tomlinson, honestly. Harry almost didn’t go as well just so to join me and my pity party I thought of starting in the art room, but I told him Zayn is still his best friend. Zayn will be very mad (read: at me) if Harry doesn’t show up. Plus, Harry could tell me if something goes wrong in the party while their guest of honor –horror- (read: me, again, in case you didn’t it) isn’t even there to cause drama, like Perrie getting poisoned by her champagne or something more horrible. I wasn’t kidding. Mitchie asked me to come and spend the night with her, out on a party just like college times. Technically, it was some party with her boyfriend. She said her boyfriend insisted I come with them. I didn’t even bother to ask why. At first, I didn’t feel like becoming an awkward third wheel but I’d rather be in a sea of people I don’t know and drown in loud music and booze to forget that this night, the one that got away will officially be engaged to someone that isn’t me. I really needed to stop being so melodramatic. Mitchie said she’ll come by Harry’s flat to get me. I was just done doing my make-up and curls when I heard the sound of a sharp rapping on the front door, telling me Mitchie has finally arrived to pick me up. “Why are you dressed like that?” was what Mitchie greeted upon me opening the door, her perfectly waxed brows knitted in a frown as she looked at me from head to toe. “Why are you dressed like that?” I repeated her question. I may not be that much of a party animal but I think she’s quite overdressed for a house party. Has she mentioned it was a house party, no? Whatever, it’s just a party, same, same. Mitchie was wearing an emerald green cocktail dress which was too formal if you ask me while I was on a black lacey top showing a bit of my midriff and white high-waist shorts sported with a pair of ankle boots. “Campbelle, I didn’t say we’re going to a club.” She said in a serious note. Oh, my bad. I sighed in frustration. “You should have told me what to wear when you invited me. You just said it’s a party.” Honestly, dress codes are dumb. Why can’t we just go to whatever party wearing what we’re comfortable of wearing? Mitchie was even lucky I didn’t end up wearing some acid washed jeans and a pair of Harry’s jumper because I had to distract myself by perfecting my outfit and make-up for the last two hours that I spent waiting for her. “I’m not sure if I have something good to wear.” I told her. “Do you think I don’t know you? Of course, I brought you something! Just like college, remember?” Mitchie said cheerily as she swung a large white paper bag in front of me. “Quick! Quick! Let’s get you dressed!” We were like on a marathon. She quite literally peeled the quite cute ensemble I managed to put myself off my body and changed me into a tight charcoal grey dress that was like second skin to me with how constricting it was. It’s a surprise I could even breathe. I changed my ankle boots with a pair of black glittery ankle strap heels. When I checked myself out in the mirror, I still looked like I was going to a club. I think Mitchie’s magic with fashion is gone. “Would you mind it if I ask whose party is it that we’re going?” I asked, a bit nervously. To where that sudden anxiety came from, I didn’t know. I noticed how Mitchie squirmed at my question as we took the elevator, ready to leave the place. “It’s just some gathering my boyfriend’s best friend’s has for tonight.” After all this time, Mitchie has never for once even told me her boyfriend’s name. “Are you sure it’s okay if you bring me with you?” I asked her again. “Nobody will even notice if I bring you there with me. I needed some girl company when my good of a boyfriend leaves me to get drunk with his fellas.” Is that for real? And she calls him a good boyfriend? We chatted like what normal girls do in the vehicle all the way to the venue. It was a restaurant somewhere in the heart of London. I could tell from its exterior that it’s not just some fancy restaurant. The people making their way to the large entrance looked all fancied in their suits and couture dresses, I suddenly felt underdressed. It doesn’t look like just some party as to what Mitchie mentioned. The second our car stopped, Mitchie turned her head at me and instantly fired out, “Campbelle, do you mind if I just meet you inside? I’ve got to run now because Lou needs some help for his best man’s speech.” “Best man? Wait, is this a wedding party?” I asked incredulously. But even before I could shoot more questions to her, she already run out of the car and dashed inside, leaving me completely confused of what’s happening. Why didn’t she tell me that the said ‘gathering’ was actually a ‘wedding’? For all the dodging I’ve done so to not come to Zayn and some woman’s engagement thing, I’ll just end up going to another wedding party I wasn’t even technically invited to. For a moment, I considered telling the driver to take me back to Harry’s, but the valet opened the door for me and helped me out of it. There was something weird, like something was just wrong as I walked towards the restaurant. A short, curvy woman by the name of Violet welcomed me in the front desk. “Good evening Ma’am, welcome to Gauthier’s!” I frowned upon hearing the name. It was familiar. But I was so distracted by Violet’s large grin and her chirpy noise as continued asking, “Can I get your name please?” “Uhm, actually I came here with my friend, Michelle Torres, she’s the guest.” Violet’s grin faded. She gave me look and asked, “Are you Ms. Campbelle Brooks?” “Yes, I am.” “Please, let me escort you, Ms. Brooks.” I followed her inside the ballroom area filled with people where the whole gathering was happening. Nobody gave me a glance. But I know them, I know most of them. Hell, I know all of them. That’s when I realized, I’ve been blackmailed by my supposedly confidant of the night. Mitchie stood next to her infamous boyfriend. They were both looking at me with devious smirks on their faces. She was never on my side. She was just an accomplice to the spawn of the devil, Louis Tomlinson. She tricked me. They tricked me. I fell for their plan. She fucking tricked me to come with her, deceiving me that she’ll help me get over the real occasion tonight, only to be brought to the party I refused to come and get laughed by everyone how pathetic I am. Harry was the first one to recognize that I was there, standing still just right behind the now closed doors. He called Liam’s attention, who was talking with Niall in the same table. Soon they got up from their seats and ran to where I was. I was shaking, muttering incoherent thoughts out to Harry and Liam to take me away as quickly as possible. But it was just too late. I was trapped. The large brass doors opened. Loud cheering from the guests erupted as they came walking hand in hand together in the middle of red carpeted runaway. “Let us all give a big round of applause to the wonderful couple of the night, introducing the future Mr. and Mrs. Malik, Zayn and Perrie!” End Notes: This is actually my favorite chapter so far, because I like Zayn and Campbelle's relationship...But sometimes I get confused wih hers and Liam's too. Then Harry becomes his uber sweet slash sexy animal and I just get confused even more. :P So how was the chapter? Thoughts? Let's chat about it! Again, thank you so much for sticking with me. Your comments always warm my heart whenever I read them. Much love! xoxo @_AndieTiu
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