Don't fight you're true feelings

Meet Jelia McKenna Ross. A Canadian girl who lives in Strattford. Her dad got killed by this boy named "Swag" . What will happen when she finds him . Will she kill him like she said.

BTW , during the flashbacks Jelia 's seventeen. Thanks for reading


5. Confussion, falling in love and hate


What am I doing. Jelia has so much power over me. I don't know what hit me. You know they  say that when you're in love. It's like a bunch of butterflies flying around. Not true, it's more like a murderous swarm of wasps. Jelia looks hurt and disgusted at me. The boys are looking angry . I shrugh my shoulders and walk upstairs.

'I hate him.' I hear Jelia mumble.

'Yeah, I know.' Ryan answers.

'Me too.' Ace says.

'Jels, he wasn't always like this you know. Before he was Swag. He was Just...' Chaz says before I slap him. I look at him with a what-is-up-with-you look. I slap the back of his head.

 'Justin. Right?' Jelia says smirking. She knows my name. How, this is freaky. I frown my eyebrows. Ryan, Ace and Chaz are looking confused at me.

'H..... How do you know that?' I ask .

'I'm the girl from the shop.Remember?' she says. I remember.

'Yeah, you where with these blond girls. Destiny and Faith.'I say smiling. Oh Lord, she is breaking my wall down. I feel so safe with her. Oh God, what is happening?



What happend in the shop.

Will Swag become Justin again?

Are Ace and Jelia an item.

Comment team Julia, Chelia, Relia or Acelia. ;)

If you want a Chelia, Julia , Relia or Acelia moment just ask. :)


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