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Facebook can create relations of all sorts, it can go from good to better or from bad to worse. What happens to best friends and models, Roxy Heldem and Lindzey Derekson when they create such relations?
They say that the world is at the tip of your finger, but what if your life was falling apart just by a press of a button?
Inspired by a true story.


6. Chapter Six

Chater Six






I carried my baby brother Alex gently trying not to wake him up, and put him in his crib. After I made sure he was sleeping comfortably, I crept out of the nursery and walked into my bedroom. I was home alone, baby sitting Alex. 

I was already bored. I laid down on my enormous bed causing the pillows to jump off the bed. I started looking at the ceiling, and felt like reading a book. I stood up, and went to the library down the hallway. I started searching for a decent book to read. My finger slipped on my books; the Harry Potter series, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Hunger Games trilogy, Divergent, Insurgent, The Mortal instruments series, The Infernal Devices, Percy Jackson. But I've already read all of them, a couple of times. I've got nothing to read! I wasn't going to read one of my dad's history books. 

I went back to my room, and picked up my laptop. I went on tumblr but there was nothing interesting on my dashboard. I gave up and decided to try Facebook. I typed.

It wasn't that hard of a decision, because many people have Facebook and don't even know their password, so I didn't have to devote my life to it. The blue screen popped up and it took me a moment to make out the letters on the screen. It's kinda hard since I suffer from Dyslexia. 

I managed to find the search bar easily, and I typed, Roxy Heldem. Her picture was the first to appear, and I recognized her instantly even though her face wasn't in the picture, because I was the one who had take this picture. I sent her a friend request and went to her friend list. 

I found some of our friends and added them, I also found some people who I personally don't know, and then I found someone who I know just by hearing Roxy talking about him. 

Bryan Hunk. 

I sent him a fried request, hoping it wouldn't be inappropriate. My notifications icon turned red, and as I opened it I knew, Roxy had accepted my friend request. Man, she was fast! 





Roxy Heldem:

Hi you're on Facebook?! 



Hahahah I was bored so I decided to give it a go


Roxy Heldem:

Well, in that case, welcome to Facebook! :) 



Thank you, thank you *blushing*


We talked for a bit and then she stopped answering me, and I immediately felt that something was wrong. I snatched my phone and called her instantly. 


"Roxy you scared the living crap out of me!" I said after she answered the phone. 

"Sorry." She just said. Because I knew Roxy like the back of my hand, I knew something was wrong. 

"What happened?" She sighs. 

"Remember the guy, Antoine I told you about?" 


"Well, he accused me of being fake, because I don't have a picture of my face and I refuse to send one. But on the bright side, Bryan is helping me with this situation." 



We're very sorry we haven't been updating lately. It's mostly because we started school and one of us has external exams to prepare for and I have to prepare for next year from now, and it's kind of intense. Hayat and I are trying are very best to skype each other and work as much as possible. But please forgive us for our busy schedule, and I hope you won't lose interest in this story just because we are not updating as much as we should. And we would like to thank you for reading and liking our story. We look forward to reading your comments and we love you very much ^^ and enjoy. 

your authors, 









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