Tears Of An Angel {Harry Styles}

She changed him. He helped her. Together, they are something nobody else can describe without using the two words, eight letters: true love.


2. {1} ᴛʜᴇ ᴄᴏɴᴄᴇʀᴛ

     Dressed in my baby blue lace dress and deep dark blue 'Future Mrs. Styles' tee with the letters printed on in a bold neon yellow, I couldn't stay still. Jumping around in my heeled brown booties, excitement was pulsing through me from head to toe. The crowd cheered as we counted down from five, anticipation filling the air in the heated arena, waiting for the five boys that I listened to everyday to get through everything to come out onstage, revealing themselves to all their awaiting fans. The lights brightened, sending the whole crowd into a burst of cheers and clapping. And, on cue, they walked onstage, fangirling emerging in everyone, whether it was hidden or shown. My lips turned up into a wide smile, cheering loudly along with the crowd. "Excited much?" Julia asked from my side, a slight smirk tugging at the corners of her mouth. I hit her on the arm, giggles escaping my lips. Soon, I heard the sound of a husky British accent.

       "Hey love, hitting isn't very nice," Harry Styles spoke, his eyes directly on me, his famous smile and chuckle being added afterwards. I gnawed on my bottom lip as my cheeks flushed up, becoming a tint of light pink. His eyes scanned up and down my body, the emerald orbs always going back to my shirt. "I love your shirt. It fits you well," He commented, smiling. Gesturing to Julia, who was wearing a green with pink lettering 'Future Mrs. Horan' tee, he asked Niall, who was standing behind him, "What about you Niall?" Niall nodded and smiled down at my best friend, his ocean blue eyes sparkling just like mine does. 

       "I think it does fit her very well, Haz," He replied back, a smile never leaving his lips.

       "Oh my god..." I stated under my breath, making my face hidden behind my hands. 

       "Oh, come on Rachel! Stop hiding your face. It's your birthday for Pete's sake!" Julia yelled at me, laughing slightly. I slowly uncovered my face, sending her a glare. "What?" She replied, laughing once again.

         "Don't tell them that!" I yelled back at her, sighing.

         "Technically, I wasn't telling them, I was telling you," She replied. Harry cocked an eyebrow at me, a slight smirk growing on his lips slowly.

           "Birthday?" He questioned, smiling softly at me. I nodded, biting my lip. He nodded slowly and chuckled, sitting down on the edge of the stage, his legs swinging back and forth, nobody able to grab him from the baracade though. "Why wouldn't you want us to know, love?" He asked, the question directed right to me. 

       "Because I just don't," I replied, crossing my arms over my chest and looking down, my stomach going in knots. 

           "Would you mind if we sang to you?" He asked, handing his microphone back to Louis, walking up to me. I kept my eyes down, swallowing a lump that was gradually forming in the back of my throat, shrugging.  "What's your name?" He asked softly to me.

           "R-Rachel..." I stuttered softly, nervousness attacking me wildly. Then, it began. He took both of my hands in his as he started to sing the old, over-used "Happy Birthday" song to me, but, somehow, when he sang it, it sounded better. I kept my eyes down, trying not to look up into those entrancing eyes of his. He used his two fingers to tilt my head up so our gazes locked as he sang, "Happy Birthday dear Rachel..." I let out a shaky breath, biting down on my bottom lip hard, so hard it may start to bleed. The song finished, the music fading up into the air. He leaned in close to me, whispering in my ear, "Want to come backstage after the concert? I want to give you a present." I slowly nodded, stuttering in response,

          "S-Sure..." He smiled softly and reached into his back pocket, pulling out a backstage, placing it in my palm. I grasped onto it with my fingers and let my eyes search his, trying to count how many shades of green were embodied in his eyes. He leaned in, giving me a kiss on the temple, whispering,

           "Happy Birthday, Rachel." He climbed back up onstage, leaving my eyes wide with shock. I watched as Harry whispered in Niall's ear, him soon coming over to us...well, not us, more Julia.

           "Here you go. So you can be with your best friend," He smiled softly, handing the backstage pass to Julia before going back to the boys. She blushed a light pink as I was, constantly awaiting seeing them again.


      Julia and I walked side by side as the manager, Paul, lead us through what seemed like endless hallways. "Here we are, girls," Paul stated, smiling softly at us before opening the door, revealing a room that possessed all of the members of One Direction. 

       "Thank you," Julia said softly, walking in, me following close behind at her heels. I kept my arm behind my back, rubbing it nervously, digging my nails into my skin occasionally. Harry's eyes found mine, a smile creeping on his lips.

        "Hello, love," He greeted, motioning me with his arm to come over. Julia rubbed my back soothingly with her palm, knowing when I get nervous, I get nervous. I slowly walked over toward Harry, sitting down next to him cautiously on the couch in that room. He unclasped the paper airplane necklace that was hanging from around his neck, placing it in my palm. I slowly brought my eyes up to his, confusion clouding in them.

          "W-What?" I stuttered.

         "I said I wanted to give you a present," He said softly, smiling.

       "Y-Your paper airplane n-necklace?" I asked, stumbling over my words. Niall walked over to Julia and started to chat her up while I sat on the couch next to the one boy I had all over my room and dreamed of meeting...now, it's actually happening. He nodded in response, smiling softly at me.  I bit down on my bottom lip, my eyes falling downward to my lap again. "T-Thank you..." I stuttered, shock pulsing through my veins. 

          "Want me to put it on you?" He asked kindly with a sweet smile. I slowly nodded, shifting so my back was to him. He slowly took the airplane necklace from my palm, skin brushing against skin. He clasped it around my neck, the cold metal charm hitting against my neck. 

          "O-One question," I stated, keeping my back to him, not wanting my face to be seen. 

         "Yes, love?" He replied in the form of a question.

         "Why would you give this to me?" I asked softly, keeping my features away from his view.

       "Because you just seem...special," He replied.

     "I'm anything but special..." I trailed off, looking down as I played with my hands as they trembled. 

         "Oh trust me, you're special. I promise," He replied, the tone in his voice making it seem like he was smiling behind me. I shook my head, not believing a word that came out of his mouth. "Turn around," He commanded gently. I obeyed, slowy turning around so that we were face to face. "I promise," He repeated, this time locking gazes with my bright blue orbs. I slowly nodded, my hands still trembling slightly. He gently took my hands in his, drawing small circles in each one of palms with his thumbs, his fingertips easily gliding across my skin. "You don't have to be scared, love," He stated softly. 

        "P-Promise?" I stuttered. He smiled softly and replied,

       "Promise." Just then, Paul sauntered his way into the room, making an announcement that made my eyes cloud with dissappointment.

         "Time's up, girls," He said, smiling softly as a disguise. Harry bit down on his bottom lip and slipped a piece of paper with a number written on it into my clutch, leaning in, whispering in my ear, his soft lips brushing against the skin,

          "Text me, alright?" I slowly nodded. He pressed his lips to my cheek gently before letting me go, me walking out with Julia after she said goodbye to Niall. Walking out of that room and outside into the night air, butterflies kept on going around and around in my stomach. I could only ask myself one question: What just happened?!

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