ink is 19 years old and dos not speak. she sings and clubs and travels around the world singing but dos not speak.
she has tattoos and all ways has a black pen on her. witch she uses too draw on her self constantly.
her past is unknown. but one day when she is preforming at a club in London 1 direction sees her and they think she is amazing.
what happens when one of them falls in love with her and finds out about her past.
what will the boys do...


5. the park


after that night ink found it hard to do any thing but cry her eyes out. she hadn't talked to zayn and he hadn't talked to her either. she was heart broken she new that if she started to talk to some one things would go wrong just like they did before.

so 2 weeks later she still hasn't stopped crying and is finding it hard to cope. so at 1 in the morning she goes out and walks until she reaches the park that is empty and has a couple of old graffiti covered benches

she goes and sits down on one of the benches she couldn't care less what happened to her any more her heart was broken and she wished she had never spoken a word to zayn then every thing would have been ok.

but she had talked to him and every thing was not ok. she felt so tired of every thing so she lied down on the bench and dozed of into a sleep full of nightmares.


every night after what happened i would go to the club she sung at and see if she was preforming at all. but every time i went she wasn't preforming. i hadn't said much to any of the boys except liam who i told the hole story and asked for help.

liam told me to go talk to ink but i couldn't bring myself to do it i was afraid she hated me now and would never wont to see me. i have wished so meany times that i could go back to that night and stop it all from happening but i couldn't.

now i was empty and heart broken unable to feel any thing but endless pain. so again that night i did the same i had done for two weeks and went to check the club to see if she was there.

she wasn't and i had a feeling she wouldn't be for a long time. so instead of going strait back home i walked to the park.

as i got there i herd crying so stopped and had a look at who was crying hoping the person who was crying wasn't badly hurt.

i saw a figure of a girl by the look of it but her hair was covering her face and the street lights were dim. i got closer and the girl hadn't realized i was there yet. then she looked up and we both stopped and looked at each other it was ink my lovely ink.

i couldn't help but run to her and engulf her in my arms when i saw it was her. she rapped her arms round me and hugged back. she was still crying i wasn't sure why but i was happy she was in my arms and not running away from me upset and angry.

"why are you crying?" i asked sitting down on the bench with her on my lap and her head resting on my chest.

but she didn't reply and i new that it would now take her a lot longer to talk again after what happened.

"its ok i understand" i said trying to re a sure her that she didn't have to talk if she didn't wont to.

"do you come back to ...mine i know after what happened you mite not trust me but...i would like you to be there i have missed having you will you come over...just for a bit?" i asked worried she would get up set again but instead she stopped crying looked up at me and smiled whilst nodding her head.

i got up and so did she then we both started to walk to my house. as we walked we had are hands by our sides and we were not touching i wonted to take her hand and hold it tight but i didn't wont to up set her.

to my surprise she took my hand so i squeezed her hand to make sure she new it was alright.

when we got to my house i opened the door and led her to the living room where we sat on the sofa not saying a word to each other. i looked at her but she was looking at the floor her hand still in mine.

"coffee?" i asked letting go of her hand and standing up.

she nodded staring at the floor. i went to the kitchen and started to make us coffee.

when the coffee was made i placed hers in front of her and drunk my own. i new i was going to have to be less shy and tell her how i felt about her or i was going to loose her.

i put down my cup and looked her in the eye. i took a deep breath plucking up the confidence to speak.

"ink...i know what happened was bad...and we haven't known each other for long but...but i really like you and i am sorry i hurt you...i...i...i was wondering if we could forget what happened and...and...will you be my girlfriend?" i said finally getting my words out.

i looked at her as she looked at me wide eyed with shock. then finally after wait a while she lent towards me and kissed me sweetly on the lips then when she pulled away she whispered one word to me.

"yes" and at that moment i had fallen deeply in love with a girl named ink...

(a/n sorry for the late up date i am going on holiday so will up date when i get back thank you for reading this x robyn x)

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