ink is 19 years old and dos not speak. she sings and clubs and travels around the world singing but dos not speak.
she has tattoos and all ways has a black pen on her. witch she uses too draw on her self constantly.
her past is unknown. but one day when she is preforming at a club in London 1 direction sees her and they think she is amazing.
what happens when one of them falls in love with her and finds out about her past.
what will the boys do...


2. the club

ink has just arrived in London staying in one of the hotels near the club she will be singing at later on.

she was in her room unpacking whilst thinking about the song`s that  she was going too sing at the club later that night.

she chose one of her favorite songs that she had written called feather fall to open with then she would sing some of her new songs for the rest of the night .

she looked at the clock hung on the plain grey wall of the bedroom it read 11:00 just an hour till she was due to preform.

she got dressed in a tight fit black dress witch hugged her curves that came down to mid thigh and had sleeves that reached down too her elbows.

the back of the dress was cut to the bottom of her spine so it showed of the grey wings tattooed on her back.

she put on some black high heal boots.

then she reached into the bed side draw and pulled out her black permanent marker and sat down on the bed. she started too draw things up her arms. feathers, barbed wire ,stars , the moon claws ,wolfs howling and other things.

when her arms were covered in doodles she put on her small black leather jacket then garbed her small purse and slipped it inside the pocket in her guitar case along with her i phone and put the case on her back.

then she picket up her keys walked out the door locking it behind her she walked out the hotel down the road towards the club in the dark.


the boys were board Niall was eating left over pizza Harry was looking at twitter on his phone whilst Liam ,Louis and me were just sat there staring at the blue walls of our hotel room.

"hey guys i herd this traveling singer who is really good is preforming at the club not far from here" Harry said showing us the clubs twitter page that had a list of the performers that night.

 "its at midnight fancy going we can go in disguises so no one notices us" Harry continued putting his phone in his pocket then he got up and picked up his coat.

i wasn't sure if i wanted to go with Harry but it was a better idea than sitting around in the hotel.

"we will have to wake up Paul and take him with us just in case as its late" Liam said as he stood up and went to get his phone.

Louis, Niall and i  got are phones and wallets whilst Harry and Liam went and got Paul.

they came back with Paul and disguises so no one would recognize us.

we set of in are disguises and arrived at the club a rock band had just finished when a guy walked up and started to announce the next performer.

"now we have ink singing feather fall" he announced then walked back stage.

every one cheered as a girl in a black dress with tattoos and heeled boots stepped on stage and took the microphone.  

she was beautiful i couldn't take my eyes of her.

Harry elbowed me in the ribs "that's her the singer i was talking about isn't she hot" Harry said as she starts too sing.

wow her voice is amazing i was completely mesmerized by her the hole time she was on stage.

she finished her part of the show at about 4 in the morning

Liam was with Niall getting some crisps from the bar whilst Harry and i went to get some drinks from the bar.

we kind of lost Louis but Liam said he went of towards back stage.

harry ordered us each a beer and we both sat down at the bar waiting for our drinks.

"hey ink great show tonight how long you staying" said the bar tender as he passed the person sat next to me a shot of vodka.

i turned to see who he was talking to and saw the girl who had just finished singing.

she held up three fingers to the bar tender.

"three days?" he asked her but she shook her head no.

"three weeks?" he asked again and she shook her head no again.

"three...months?" he continued and this time she nodded.

"cool well what time do you get of i mean you look hot tonight" he asked leaning over the bar to come face to face with her she looked him the eyes with a look that could kill.

she put her hand in his face and pushed him away so hard he fell back agents the fridge of drinks behind him.

she drunk down her shot realy quickly then walked of towards back stage.

"here you go" said harry as he passed me my beer.

i drunk my beer then just sat there.

i few hours later at about 7 in the morning all the boys had gone home and the club was practically empty apart from me, the bar men and some of the bands from last night.

i kept my eye out the singer ink but i hadn't seen her since the bar man flirted with her.

a women came out from back stage with a black guitar case.

"this is inks she just went out for a smoke and asked me to look after it but i have to go... bye Billie" she said as she reached over the bar and placed the guitar case just behind the bar.

she then garbed her bag and rushed out the door.

i just sat there hoping ink would show up soon.

then as if she read my mind ink walked in with a lighter packet ,of cigarettes and a note pad with a pen attached.

she sat down on the bar stool next to me again and wrote some thing in the note pad before showing into to the new guy at the bar the lady had called Billie.

he nodded and picket up the guitar case from behind the bar and handed it to ink.

ok time to make my move.

" i saw you preform you...were really good...i am Zayn" i said turning round to face her.

she picket up her note pad and pen and wrote down some thing on it before she held it up for me to read.

it read:


"its nice to meet you to can i have your number maybe as...i am in a band...and it would be nice for them to meet you...we...could maybe sing some thing together if you like" i replied smiling she smiled back then wrote some thing else down.


she looked at her watch and gasped standing up quickly she garbed her guitar case and rushed past me before i even got her number.

i few minuets later i left and headed back to the hotel.

as i walked towards the hotel i stuffed my hands in the pockets of my jacket and felt some thing like paper inside my pocket.

i pulled what ever it was out.

it was a small piece of paper with what looked like a phone number on it with a little message at the bottom which read:


i was really happy after that as i had thought she just left with out giving me her number but she didn't.

i almost skipped back to the hotel to tell the boys.



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