ink is 19 years old and dos not speak. she sings and clubs and travels around the world singing but dos not speak.
she has tattoos and all ways has a black pen on her. witch she uses too draw on her self constantly.
her past is unknown. but one day when she is preforming at a club in London 1 direction sees her and they think she is amazing.
what happens when one of them falls in love with her and finds out about her past.
what will the boys do...


3. so far


it has been 2 weeks since zayn last saw ink.

the moment he got back from when he last saw her he told all the boys about it.

liam thought it was odd that she didn't speak but sung.

zayn didn't care he just really liked her no matter what.

ink had preformed 7 times since she last saw zayn and every time she preformed she looked for zayn in the crowed but he hadn't been there or text her yet.

zayn has finally got the nerve to call her and ask her round to his house to meet the boys as they are no longer staying in the hotel.

harry couldn't wait to see her again either...



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