ink is 19 years old and dos not speak. she sings and clubs and travels around the world singing but dos not speak.
she has tattoos and all ways has a black pen on her. witch she uses too draw on her self constantly.
her past is unknown. but one day when she is preforming at a club in London 1 direction sees her and they think she is amazing.
what happens when one of them falls in love with her and finds out about her past.
what will the boys do...


1. ink

ink well there is not much you can say about her.

no one knows a thing about her past just her present. she is tall about 6,10 with waist long curly black hair with white dip dye. bright green eyes and tanned skin.

she has a pair of wings tattooed on her back a feather tattooed on her side and some more tattoos that she keeps hidden.

she draws all the way up her arms in permanent black pen before her shows. 

she drives around the world in her mint green vw van and stays in hotels preforming  at the clubs near by.

ink is silent when she is not singing not a word.

she is a mystery too all she meets and is very different.


(A/N please tell me what you think or if i should continue or not thanks Robyn xx)

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