The letter

Alisha gets bullied for being a Muslim. She writes a letter to her idols one direction, even though she thinks that she won't get a response. What happenes to her comes to a shock to everyone including her...


18. Too good to be true

Alishas P.O.V
We just ate dinner. I was trying to help the guys clean up but they refuse to let me do anything "Babe ill take care of it don't worry, you go take a shower," Zayn said kissing my cheek. I nodded and went upstairs. I picked out a pair of lavender jeans a black tee and a purple undershirt. I went to the shower. The water felt so good running down my face. I spent what had to be half an hour in the shower. I came out and got dressed in the bathroom trying my hardest to dry my hair so that I didn't look like I stuck my scarf in the shower. I fixed myself up and came out. Zayn was not here witch means that all the boys and Hannah and steph were down stairs. I went down and sat next to Zayn putting my head on his stomach. He looked down at me and smiled. "Harry, im tired," steph said whining. "Ok babe then we need to sleep, goodnight everyone," Harry said taking stephs hand. Theyre to cute. Zayn yawned. And then as if on cue so did the rest of the boys Hannah then me. Zayn took my hand and we walked to his room. I saw the rest go too. I sat on the bed waiting for Zayn. he was in the shower. I layed down a bit then got up. My ipod was right next to me I miss everyone. So I call my mom on facetime we talk for like 5 minutes then we end and Zayn comes out. I cant help but stare. Hes so attractive. I look away while he dresses. He comes up to me and gets on top of me. I take his face. We kiss. And kiss to what feels like years. "Goodnight," he whispers into my ear. "Goodnight"

Zayn's P.O.V

I trying so hard to sleep. My ex Perrie has texted me about 100 times before and after Sikna showed up. "Buzzz" I pick up my phone

"Meet me outside we need to talk," Perrie says

I look over at Sikna shes fast asleep. I guess I need to go see why she wont leave me alone. I get up and tip toe out. I open the front door and there she was. wow shes a lot prettier now. "Zayn snap out of it," I say to myself. "Hi Perrie," I say. "Hey zany!" she says still calling me what I told her I hate being called. "what do you want,"

"Ive missed you zany," she said grabbing my waist.

"erm ive missed you too," I say trying to make her let go.

"I want you back. I wanna feel your love again,"

She grabs me again and kisses me. I kiss back. ive missed her kiss so much. I keep kissing her harder and harder. We keep kissing. I lay down on top of her. we kiss more.

Alisha's P.O.V

"Zayn," I whisper. I look over. He's not there. I get up and go down stairs the light outside is on. I go over to look. I hear Zayn talking. "I've missed you so much," He says. "me too," a girl says. Then I don't hear taking I look out the window. Zayn is on top of her kissing her the way he was kissing me. I feel the water run doen my cheeks. I keep looking at them he keeps kissing her more and more. He stops and they sit up. "Whats wrong," she asks. "Um Perrie I have a a girl-" he starts. "Nothing just kiss me again," he starts up again. I see her face move toward his. "I- I knew I-it," I thought. "He n-nev-never liked m-me," they get up and I see Zayns face. He starts to kiss her again putting her up to the window im looking at them in. They kiss for about 2 more minutes and he lets her go. His eyes meet mine. His smile fades. My tears come right back. I run. "I can explain," he says. "you don't have to were done Zayn," I yell back running. Im upstairs. Im not going back to his room. I see Liam's door open. I run in and close it. hes in the bathroom. I turn on the light and sit on his bed. My hands on my eyes. the water pouring out like a river. "Alisha? Whats wrong," I hear Liam say as he comes up to me. "Liam, Zayn he-he um he cheated on me I saw it with my own 2 eyes," I say sinking into his arms. "Is that why you were yelling at him?" He says. I nod. Oh babe im so sorry. I hear a knock. "if its Zayn don't let him in," I say. "Its Harry," I hear hear harry say. "Come in," Liam says. He looks so down. "Harry come here," I say. He looks like he was crying. "She broke up with me," He says. "She said she wanted to you know, then an hour later she says shes done with me and leaves," Harry says in tears.I hug Harry. "He cheated on me," I say. Harry looks down at me. "I guess we both get burned huh," he says. "Yah," I say

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