The letter

Alisha gets bullied for being a Muslim. She writes a letter to her idols one direction, even though she thinks that she won't get a response. What happenes to her comes to a shock to everyone including her...


7. That night

Zayn's P.O.V

We were on way back to her house. I sat next to her. She smelled good. Like a blossom. "What kind of perfume do you use," I asked her breaking the silence. "Bath and Body works stuff and I have "Someday" By Justin Bieber, but today Japanese Cherry Blossom," She said. "So that's why I haven't be able to get that smell, I knew it." I said hugging her. She smiled. I don't know why but every time she smiles, I melt. But she never shows her teeth. That's odd. I wanted to ask her but then I thought about it. We arrived at her home. There was a note. "Well looks like the rest of the time you guys are here we have the house to ourselves," She said showing us the note. "Sweet," Harry said. "I'm gonna change, I'll be right back don't you go anywhere." She said winking. "Lads, I think she enjoyed herself today," I said happy. "That's really great Zayn!" Louis said giving me a bear hug. I wanted to change outta the suit I was wearing so did the others. "We schuld change," I said. We all walked to her room. I was gonna knock but then I heard something. She was singing. "Guys listen!" I said in a whisper. Her voice was mesmerizing. "And she can sing," Liam said. She was singing one of the songs from "Take me home" and it was "truley, madly, deeply. I listened a little then i knocked. She opened the door dressed in PJ's. "We wanna change," I said. "Sure come on in," She said going back inside. We didn't really care about changing around her. She didn't even look. Most girls would have their eyes glued on us. But shes not "most girls" shes not like them at all. "Done," Harry said sitting on her bed with her. I have to admit that had me jealous. She smiled and talked to him. I saw her look at me. I didn't have a shirt on. But she turned away as soon as she saw i noticed her looking. she got a little pink. "So guys, I will give you guys each a bed to sleep in," She began. "Liam and Louis," You guys can sleep in my brothers room, If you want to," "Sure," Louis said smiling. "You can leave all your clothes in here," She said. Niall, You can have my sisters bed. Harry I have another mattress I can put in here for you," She said. "Can I sleep in your bed with you," I said. "I'd like that," She said. "If you guys want to I can bring the other 2 materess and we can all sleep in here," "I'd love that!" Liam said happy. "Ok," She said. "who wants to help me get them?" We all followed her. In 10 minutes we had all of the matresses ready. That was quick. We all went to the living room. She brought out 2 blankets. "You cuddle with her go go go!" Harry said winking. So I did. 

Alisha's P.O.V

We were in the living room. "Do you guys want another blanket," I asked The others. "No were good," Louis said with a thumbs up. We were watching sharkboy and lavagirl. Zayn was holding my hand like he did before. I like how he does that. After the movie was over I looked to see what was on TV. We watched full house for almost 2 hours. I got tired. "Hey guys, ready to sleep," I said in the middle of a yawn. They nodded. They all did what the needed to. Brushing teeth. Then they all went to sleep. I had the fan on and the window open. With 6 people in the room it gets hot. I was lying down in my bed and i felt Zayn's presence. It felt right. He was lying next to me. He didnt know i was still awake. So he started singing. I knew the song "She's not afriad" I love that song. I knew every word of it. I heard them all singing their parts. I melted inside. I love them singing to me. But why this song. I don't care any song is fine. I loved their vocies. And those accents. I just fell asleep through the song. Then I felt zayns lips on my cheek. One thing I loved about him is how he would leave them there a few seconds. I wraped my arms around him and there we stayed. Like that He was in my arms, I was in his. I fell sparks every time I hug him. I felt warm. It was around 12:30AM and I woke up and I saw him, just sleeping. Boys are so cute when they sleep. I kissed his forehead. I felt him move. "I didnt mean to wake you," I said happy it was dark because I was red. "Its ok babe," He said saying good night and kissing my forehead. 

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