The letter

Alisha gets bullied for being a Muslim. She writes a letter to her idols one direction, even though she thinks that she won't get a response. What happenes to her comes to a shock to everyone including her...


5. Later (with the guys!)

Alishas P.O.V

The boys spent all of the time I was in Spanish class talking. I was really curious what Larry and Zayn were talking about. I'll just ask him tomorrow in Government. I kept looking over at Zayn, wondering what he was thinking. Looking at how perfect he is. Admiring him. Of course I did the same to each of them. They helped me in class even though Senora Gracia wouldn't let them. What a priss. They are so smart. I was talking to Harry when Zayn went up to the arab boys across from us. I was kinda wondering what they were talking about but i just turned and looked at the other boys. They were so sweet. There was about 30 minutes of class left then I had math. "Are you guys going to my next class with me?" I asked. "yes! of course," Louis said smiling. "Um...Do you think you could wear masks or something? My next class is kinda crazy. I hate it." I said sadly. "we are way ahead of you babe," Harry said pulling out masks and scarfs and make up. Did he just call me babe?! "Yah! Does the mean i get to make you guys over?" I said happily. "Yes," Niall said smiling. "well lets start. theres 30 minutes left of class." "Harry's first!" Louis said laughing. "whatever," I giggled. I took the bag and put glasses on him a fake nose and some hideous facial hair. "There now you blend in," I said. The boys laughed. "I look discsting," He said kinda mad. "thats why you will fit in," I said turning as red as a tomato. "Niall your turn," I said. "Ugh do I have to?" "yes," we all said at once. I put a wig on him and some facial hair. He looked in the mirror. He didnt say anything. So I went on and did Liam's. I put a fake nose and a pair of nerdy glasses and a few fake zits. "Louisss, Its your turn now," I said with an evil grin. I put a wig and fake nose and glasses on him. Then i covered him with zits. "Really," Louis cried. "I hate you," He joked. "Zayn has his," Niall said. 

Zayn's P.O.V

Im talking to Arabs in her class. "hey," i said nervously. I didnt know how they would react. "Hey man," The taller one said. "I'm Mahmood and thats Mohamad," He said. "I'm Z-," I started. "we know who you are, Your Zayn Malik," Mohamad said. "Oh you guys listen to our music?" I said curiously. "No. The girl over there the one in the hajiab. I follow her on instagram. Shes in love with you," Mohmood said. Sudenly i felt my head spinnning. "Well shes in love with all of you," Mohamad said. "She loves me?" I asked. "Dude go for it. Shes cute and super sweet." Mahmood said smiling. "Thanks guys. Oh and i heard your a heats fan, My man," I said shaking his hand. he got happy. Then Mohamad said he's a Knicks fan. "Dude, get outta here," I said playfully. "when does this class end?" I asked them. "10 minutes," Mohamad said checking his watch. "oh shit, I gotta go nice meeting you guys," I said waving. "See ya around," they said almost at the exact same time. I went back to were I was behind Larry. "Zayn," Alisha said. "I have to do your cover up." "oh yah. I forgot," i said sheepishly. She came up to me. She smelled so good. She touched my face gently putting on the fake nose and make up and she gave me a small mustach. Her fingers centimeters from my lips. I looked at the boys. "you guys look dumb as hell," I said laughing. "Oh yah. Look in the mirror hot stuff," Harry said handing me the mirror. I couldn't help but laugh. I really did look funny. "Thanks lovely," I said looking at Alisha's eyes. She turned pink. "Look who's blushing now," I laughed. "Stop it Zayn," she said hitting my arm. Damn it actually hurt.The bell rung. "Come on guys, we are going down the big stairs. Just follow me," she said happily. And thats what we did. We got there. The class was cold compared to the other one. "Just one more class after this one. oh and Niall this is lunch block," She said laughing. "Oh yah! Im starving," he said. We all broke out into laughter. The bell rung and we started class. She told her teacher who we are he said it was fine we stay.  We just sat there. Then we went to lunch. We didnt get anything. we just sat with her. "So your school is really big," I said breaking the silence. "Yah. Niall if you want some take some im not that hungry," She said looking at Niall. "Thanks!" He said. "we will all share." "Guys be happy. One more class and it will go by fast," She said happy. We got back to her class. Bell rung for next class and before I knew it the day was over. "We will take you home. I was thinking we could hang out with you this week," I said happy. "I'd love that," she said hugging me tightly. 

Alisha's P.O.V

They were staying with me the whole week! Its Monday too. I'm so happy. Now my parents have to say yes. They will sleep in the play room. It'll be fine and they can help her cook and clean. "guys, my parents will say yes if you agree to help with cooking and cleaning," I said looking at them. "Sure thing babe," Liam said. "Oh help with cooking. I like that," Niall said. He's so cute. "That dosent mean eat all of the batter," I said giggling. "Wasn't gonna," Niall said. Finally I was home and they were with me. "Hey mom," I said. They had taken the masks and stuff off. "So remmber One direction, the people who i would never meet?" I said. She looked up. "They are staying in the playroom for the week." "Ok," she said. wow that was actually easy. My siblings didn't say anything either. They promised my sister she would meet R5 and she was happy. And they gave my brother Xbox cheats. "wow, you guys rock!" I said. "I know," Harry said. It was 9PM. I was in the playroom with them. I gave them all blankets. It was thanksgiving break starting tomorrow. So I can be up as long as i want. "wanna watch a movie guys?" I asked scared they would say no. "yes," Louis said looking at all the boys who also said yes. "I've got "The Vow" and "Gone" I said. "Gone!!" Zayn said. "yes," the rest of the  boys repeated. I brought a blanket. Everyone was asleep. It was just us. So i turned the tv down really low. But we could hear it. We all got under. I sat next to Zayn and Niall. Next to Zayn was Liam and Next to Niall was Harry. I felt safe. I started the movie. I felt Zayn's hand rub agensit mine. I felt warm inside. The scary part came and i hide in zayn. He giggled. We were all quite. I felt safe with them with me. I putt my head on Zayn's chest. The movie was pretty much over. So i asked Liam to turn the tv off and then the light. I feel asleep on Zayn's chest and he feel asleep to as did the other boys. They all had a blanket so they pretty much took over the playroom. It was ok. My mom would only wake up once and it was to do my dads lunch. But she did it early so she could sleep. I was asleep and Zayn's hand grabbed mine. I've never held a guys hand and i woke up as soon as he grabbed it. He woke up too. "Sorry," He whispered. "Its ok, Its just I've never held a guys hand before," I said feeling stupid. "It's Ok, I'll show you," He smiled. So he took my hand and we went back to sleep. I woke up the next day, Zayn was next to me. It was 8AM. No one is ussally awake that early. "Wake up handsome," I said nudging him. "stay quite no ones up." He rubbed his eyes and looked at me "Good Morning beautiful." he said kissing my cheek. "I wanna wake up the other," I said. "but just me only." I went up to Niall and slapped his face and he woke up. I kissed his cheek. "Good morning," I whispered. Then i did the same to each boy. "zayn, come here," I said. I kissed his cheek smiling. He hugged me tightly. It was so amazing. "Come one guys. You all can shower one at a time." I went to the car and brought each suit case. I gave Harry's his first. So he went and showered. Then I gave Louis his and he went. Then Niall. Then Liam. And then Zayn. They all were done by 9. "Wow you guys were quick." They put one the cutest clothes. "Who wants breakfast?" I asked. "I do!!" They all said at once. They helped me. About 30 minutes later we had pancakes, eggs and some arab food. Soon after everyone was up and they came to eat. "Who made the pancakes?" My brother Hussein asked really happily. "Harry did," I said pointing. "wow they're really good!" My sister Hoda said in between bites. After breakfast, the boys helped me clean up, do the dishes and clean around the house. "Can we keep them," My mom said laughing. "I wish," I said winking at the boys. After all of that we all went to the playroom and just hung out. They gave me their numbers after i swore i wouldn't give them to anyone. Thank god they had iPhones. then they all followed me on twitter. Re-tweeting me so many times. "Thanks for the new followers guys," I said laughing. They giggled. I was sitting next to Zayn. He took my hand. I smiled. We kinda just hung out the rest of the day and at night we watched "The Vow" "Aw Harry are you crying," I asked handing him tissues. "N-no," he sobbed. "Aw its ok," I said hugging him. They fell asleep. I said goodnight and went to my bed. My bed. I just needed to think. Think about everything. And about tomorrow. So i showered and went to bed. 

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