The letter

Alisha gets bullied for being a Muslim. She writes a letter to her idols one direction, even though she thinks that she won't get a response. What happenes to her comes to a shock to everyone including her...


17. Harry and Steph's day

Harry's P.O.V
I got up out of bed. Steph was asleep. I grabbed a shower and walked out. I was drying my face with a towel. "Ah Harry, Its a little to early for that," she said covering her eyes. I took the towel and wrapped it around my body swiftly. "Sorry babe," I said. "Oh Harry I'm just messing with you," "Haha your funny," I said as I put a pair of boxers than shorts. I went and sat next to her. "So what are we doing today," she asked. "What do you want to do," "well I want to explore London." "Then that's what we'll do," I said hugging her.

That afternoon

We were ready to go. We got into my car and drove around until I found a place to park. She got out and we walked around. I got her some ice cream and we pretty much walked around all of London. I showed her every site. And she just kept looking exploring the places. "So ready for the end of our tour?" I asked blindfolding her. "Hmm will I get to see more of Harry Styles?" she said in a sexy voice. "Well not today but this will blow you away," I said. I opened the door of the restaurant. Someone came and lead us to the big room that I rented out. I took the blind fold off of her. "Ta da," I said. "Do you like it?" "Harry I love it!" she said kissing me. "Well I love you," I said not believing what I said. "I love you too," She said. I can't believe what just happened. I've never felt this way about a girl. I'm not losing this. She's mine. We ate dinner and went home. I got changed into PJs. And put on really short shorts and one of my shirts. I fell asleep with her in my arms. I know she feels the same I know she knows how badly I want her to stay with me.

Steph's P.O.V

I looked up at the clock. 12AM. midnight. Harry's arms were wrapped around me. I liked being here. I liked London. I don't want to leave Harry. I know I could never stay here. Unless I was gonna marry him soon. But heres a thought. I could tell my parents that me and Harry are in love and we are engaged to be married as soon as I turn 18. But they wont believe me. I look down at Harry and kiss him, and I feel him wake up and kiss me back. I don't want to leave. I'm gonna stay. I'll find a way anyway. I just wanna be with Harry Styles forever and never let him go.

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