The letter

Alisha gets bullied for being a Muslim. She writes a letter to her idols one direction, even though she thinks that she won't get a response. What happenes to her comes to a shock to everyone including her...


3. About a week later

Louis P.O.V

"Lads look at all this fan mail! when are we gonna have time to read all of this!" I said really excited. "well we dont have anything to do tommorow." Liam said happily. "Well then we now have some hard work tommorow" i said looking at all of the letters. "OH MY GOSH" Zayn yelled. "we are on stage in 20!" "OK everyone in the car" Liam ordered. "ok dad" Harry said trying to catch his breath" When we got in the car we all changed and warmed out vocies up. We got ther just 5 minutes before we were on. "Thank godness we made it" Niall said as his stomach growled. "im hungry lads" "Niall are you ever not hungry." i said as we all started laughing. We went on stage sang and went home dripping. It was so hot on that stage! "are they trying to kill us!" Zayn said fixing his hair. We all got ready to sleep. Then about 10 minutes later we all crashed on the couches.

The Next Day

"WAKE UP LADS" Harry said as he jumped on me. "what the hell harry. im gonna kill you." I said running behind him. WE all hit the shower got dresses and came back to find the table all ready ready. And of ccourse Niall was digging into the gaint stack of pancakes. "Wow Niall are you still hungry," I said dying of laughter. He nodded and started laughing. We all ate, Cleaned up and went to the couch. "How about we start reading all that fan mail" Zayn said happily. "Ok, let me go find them," i said.

Liam's P.O.V

Louis went to get the fan mail. me and other lads looked at eachother. We all had a plan and it involved pulling a prank on Louis. I went and got glue and put it all over Louis spot on the couch. "this is gonna be so funny," Harry said in the most weridest way. "here comes louis," Niall said laughing. "act normal" I said about ready to turn pink. "well lads," he said bringing in a huge bag "here we go" We all grabbed a stack of letters. The ones i got all said "I love you more than anything liam will you marry me" "guys what do yours say?"

Niall's P.O.V

I had about a million letter in my hand. "all of mine say the same thing." Liam cried. "liam you just made my day!" I said laughing. I took a pile from his hands. Wow he was right (what a shocker. KIDDNG! ) "Aw its ok lad" i said. "Most of mine say i wanna run my hands through your sexy hair." "Well then someone is desperite" Harry said joking.

Harry's P.O.V

I have opened about 30 letter wondering what these girls watch these days. "Guys all my letter are sexual" I said hald smiling. "what do they say," Louis said. "this one says "I want to be in your pan-" "No dont finish it" Liam said discuted. "Mine says i want your sexy eyes," Louis said laughing. Heck who dosent want Louis eyes theyre amazing. Theyre the perfect almost royal blue color.

Zayn's P.O.V

I looked at all of my letters. "I have nothing to share," i said sadly. "aw Zayn." the lads said looking at me. "whats wrong," Niall said in symapthy. "all these girls want the same thing," i said looking at all of the letters. "Wait theres one more letter!" Louis said happily. "Here Zayn you open it," Harry said handing it to me. Well i guess ill just open it. I mean who does it hurt. I open the letter and start to read it. Its kind of long but I dont care. I feel tears coming out of my eyes as a finish reading it. "Whats wrong Zayn," Liam says. I get a tissue. "you guys have to read this," I said trying not to stutter.The boys took it and read it. By the time they were done they to were in tears. "W-wow," Harry said. I gave them all tissues. "G-guys i have t-to see this girl," i said as more tears filled my eyes. "I-i think we all h-have to see her," Naill said in tears. "Whats her name?" Louis asked. "Alisha." I said. "we are gonna see her soon i promise," Harry said. "We will go see her in a month or so," Liam said looking at me. We all just staired at the TV for most of the day. I looked back at the envelope. "lads look," i said grabbing th envelope. "Is that her?" Harry asked. i nodded. "Shes geourgous!" Niall said looking back at me. "she really is Zayn," Liam said. All of us just looked at the picture of her. Admiring how beautiful she is. I took the letter and the picture and said good night to the lads. I went in the shower. All i could do is think about her. She dosent belive shes beautiful. Those bullies. Her life was hell. I went to bed in my boxers. I didnt want to dress. I just wanted to sleep. And think about everything. Including her.

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