As long as we're "friends"

Karen is a 15 year old girl who lives in Georgia, she experienced the worst event in her life when she was 10 years old and lost her mom and brother in a car accident. Luckily she met someone that helped her recover from her depression. She knew this guy since they were little, but she never thought they would've gotten as close as they did. Once he started his singing career he couldnt stay in Georgia, he had to go do tours all around the world. Karen then met two of her best friends Taya & Arshi. Could a visit from her oldest best friend Justin Bieber make them start falling for each other or will they keep being best friends?


4. Lake day

The morning time came, time slipping by. I got up and looked at the clock, it was 11:00. I walked to open the curtains, it was a very sunny day. I turned around and noticed Justin wasnt there.I walked out of the room and saw Justin making breakfast. 

"Good morning beautiful" He smiled at me.

"Morning" I walked over to give him a hug.

"Im making some bacon and waffles for you" He laughed.

"You know you don't have to do that" I replied while walking to the couch.

"I know I don't, but I want too" He winked.

"Well thank you" I smiled.

"So what would you want to do today" He questioned.

"Anything is fine" I smiled again.

"Have I ever told you that you have the cutest smile" He walked towards me.

"No, but thank you" I couldn't stop smiling.

"Would you like to go to the lake? I can get a boat" He said while looking up at me "Then we can come back and go out to eat again".

"That sounds amazing" I said while getting up.

I walked to Justin's room to get my phone. I had 10 texts from Taya & Arshi. One missed call from my dad and 4 text from Maddy.

"Your breakfast is ready" He shouted.

I walked to the kitchen and ate the food he made me, It tasted so good. I then went to go take a shower and get ready for the lake. I wore Abercrombie shorts with a Brandy Melville cropped shirt and underneath that I wore my favorite bathing suit from Victoria Secrets.

I walked out of the bathroom and sat down on the couch and turned on the t.v. Justin was still getting ready. I texted Arshi and Taya back, as well as Maddy. I went on twitter and I had so many notifications and mentions I didn't even take the time to look at them. Justin then walked out of the bathroom and came to the couch.

"Whoa" He looked at me up and down "You look amazing".

"Thank you" I smiled "You don't look bad yourself".

Justin was wearing polo swim shorts with a white v-neck and sunglasses. He looked amazing. I slipped on my leather flip flops and we walked out of the room. While we were in the elevator, we were both on our phones. 

"So how did you sleep?" He broke the silence.

"Great" I replied while texting.

"Is something wrong?" He looked in my eyes.

"No, why?" I got off my phone.

"I dont know, you haven't been talking" He replied while walking out of the elevator.

"Im just a little tired, but nothings wrong" I followed him "Im actually happy to be here with you".

He turned around and looked me in the eyes and suddenly he kissed me and whispered "So am I".

As soon as he kissed me the paparazzi's ran to us and started asking "Are you two dating?".

We just ignored them while walking out of the hotel entrance. Justin held my hand the whole time. There were screaming fans everywhere. He didn't stop holding my hand even when he stopped to talk to some of his fans. It was really hot outside and I couldn't wait to go to the lake, the only thing I didn't want was for Justin to let go of my hand. He made me feel so protected and happy. I wanted it to be like this forever, but sadly it wouldn't be. 









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