Heart in 100 pieces

Roos lives for 3 months in England. She is from the Netherlands. (so am I, it will not be the best English, sorry) When she is at the railwaystation, there happens something really unexpected...


3. 3


Roos P.O.V

"Hello Niall, Hello girlsorrybutIdon’tknowyourname" I hear a boy say in one breath." I’m Louis by the way."OK, so that was Louis. O help, I forgot to introduce myself. Even Niall didn´t know my name!

"Eh, My name is Roos." " What a beautiful name!"I hear one of the boys say. I look in his direction and see a boy with curls. That was Harry. I had read about that he the flirt is. He winks at me. "Someting in your eye ?" I ask. Harry looks surprised, The other boys start laughing." Hey I’m Liam" a boy with short shaved hair says." And I’m Zayn" I hear a boy behind me say. "I’m Harry" Harry says still surprised about what I said. "And I’m Niall" Niall yells. "Really I tought you’re name was Kees." "Kees? That’s a name?" Louis asks. "Yes an old Dutch name. "Oh, You’re Dutch?" Liam asks. "Yes I’m! "You can speak really good English"Zayn says. I start to blush and look at my feets.


Niall P.O.V

She is so cute when she blushes! And there are 7 of the 100 pieces on my heart. "But, Niall how have you met her? "Eh. "He fell and I helped him and we had to go with the same train, so we talked a lot." she says. I look thankful toward her. I told her in the train about Zoë and that the rest did not know. "Home!" Louis yells. I jump out the van and pick as much luggage as I can. Zayn and Harry pick the rest so that Roos don´t have to carry anything.

When we come inside the house Roos jaw drops. "Close you’re mouth or you will catch flies!" Zayn laughs. She closes her mouth but still looks around with big eyes. "You like it?" I ask. She nods. "it’s awesome!" "Come I will show you your room." We walk upstairs and I show her the spare room. "Wow, it’s beautiful." She sits down on the bed and I plop down beside her. "Thank you so much!" she says. "No, thank you!" "For what?" "For saving my life!" She blushes again.  I hug her. "Horan hug! I say. She laughs. "Need some help?" "No,thanks." I stand up en walk towards the door, but before I open the door I turn around and say: "You know we are a band and al those things?" She nods. "One more question: Are you fan?" She shakes her head. The hope goes away. "But I like you’re songs." She says. Still a little hope.Why do I think like this? Am I in love? She saved my life. And she is cute. And her eyes are beautiful. I walk to my room and play a little bit on my guitar.

Liam comes my room in. "You like her, don’t you? C’mon tell me the truth." I know I can trust him. "Yeah I think so. I don’t know if she likes me. She is not a fan, but she likes our songs." "I can try to talk to her." Liam says. "Ok, but don’t say I like her!" "OK,OK, see you later."



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