You Are My Mystery

I like Louis so I'm going to write about him but you can imagine any One Direction band member.Here it goes.Josh and Sally (a.k.a Louis and Jessica in this life.)They died together in an accident.They reborn as Louis and Jessica.They didn't know each other but they had this weird dreams and feelings every time they saw some place that happened to them in the past.


2. This is an unlucky day

Jessica P.O.V

I'm on my way to New York.I didn't know that our country is so big.I'm a small town girl.I didn't know anything.I'm a teenage girl.My dream is to attend art school.I don't watch a lot of movies or listen to music.The only movies or songs that I have ever listened was my grandpa's songs.My mom thinks it's a waste of time.My dad won't let me go out.I don't know how to use Internet.My phone is out of date.Now my parents are in New York.It's my chance.This could be the beginning of my life.My life could completely change.People thinks that I'm crazy just because I can see what my life was before I came to this world.It's kinda odd.I always saw a vision from my past.It's like I've got super powers.In that vision,I saw a guy calling out my name as Sally.Not my name Jessica.I wondered who would that be.I don't know who he is or who I was.When I got to New York the flight attended told me that the airline mistake my luggage.I think it's on way to Brazil.It would take a week to get back.I don't have any clothes with me except the clothes I'm wearing.My dad picks me up at the airport.I put down my things at my parents place.I took a nap for a while.After taking a nap,my mom took me shopping.I hear a song while shopping.I ask the manager what song it was.She told me "It's I want song by One Direction.Don't you know."I answered "Sorry I just come from small town.I don't know One Direction.What's that?"The shop attended answered "It's a famous British boy band.The band has 5 members.They are Harry Styles,Liam Payne,Niall Horan,Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik.You can find it on the Internet."I asked what Internet was."She replied with a little smile on her face "Ma'am you can took out your phone and I'll show you how to use it."I was thinking to myself."How nice."I requested her how to download that song.Finally I got that song.It was so catchy.I put away my phone.I ask my mom how can I listen this song.She bought me a pair of earphones.I put on my earphones and I went outside.My mom asked me where I was going.I answered "I'm going for a roundabout."While listening to the song that I purchased I hear people screaming "One Direction we love me."Some were screaming "Louis,Liam we love you."Other were screaming "Zayn,Niall,Harry we love you."I realized that it was One Direction.Thanks to that shop attended.She told me about that.But I still don't know who they are.I put on my earphones again but suddenly I hear a voice.It was the same as the voice in my dreams.I feel strange suddenly.Some screaming girls pushed me and I feel down.I got up and cross the road.Unfortunately,the car was coming down the hills and driving towards.I don't know what to do so I stand still in front of the road.Suddenly the car stopped.I was froze for a moment.

I'll post more.What will happen next?

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