Little Things

Carly Tucker's life is picture perfect. She is beautiful and can sing well, but she has a secret. When she and Harry fall in love and Harry finds out her secret will they stay together or will Carly's life flash before her eyes?


2. Paparazzi

Carly's POV
I woke up and stared at my blood-stained sheets, the drops of blood on the carpet, and my whole bathroom was covered in it. My skin is what scared me most. I couldn't even tell what my skin color was anymore. And the blood had clotted, just making it worse. My phone started to ring. "Hello?" I asked the caller.
"Hey Carly, this is Louis." Louis said.
"What do you need?" I asked sleepily.
"Did you seriously just wake up?"He asked. I rolled over to look at my clock. It was 12:45. "No."I answered.
"Good, because you are coming to the lake with me, the boys, Eleanor, and Danielle."
"Okay, when?" I asked.
"Right now, wear a bathing suit and bring alchohol. Kay?" I was about to answer when he hung up. Well, I guess the lake wouldn't be so bad, I mean, I can do flips into the water, and I can work on my tan and...then I realized that I would have to wear a bathing suit. A bathing suit would show my horrible blood-stained skin. Then I realized that I have a wetsuit which doesn't show your body. So I spent the next 20 minutes tearing through my closet to find one. Then I saw it. The only wetsuit I had was a pink one with Dora's head on it. My mom gave it to me as a joke. Well who's laughing now? Everyone who sees me in this, thats who. I had a desision to make, I could either show my horrible bloody skin, or show my horrible Dora wetsuit. Dora, its your lucky day. I put the ugly thing on and stared at myself. Perfect, not a single cut showing. Now alchohol...I'm screwed on that one. I don't drink. I gonna bring bottles of water instead. I brushed my perfect silky brown hair, and whipped down the stairs, then ran out the door. I just realized that my first album was just put out, and has already gone platinum. There were paparrazzis, everywhere.
"Carly, do you realize you're an overnight sensation?" One said.
"Carly what the hell are you wearing?" Said another.
"Carly, you share a studio with One Direction. Any romance going on?" I pushed past all of them, to get to my car. Great, now there's going to be magazines about me and my little friend named Dora. I went over the speed limit a little. The sooner I got to the lake the better.

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