Little Things

Carly Tucker's life is picture perfect. She is beautiful and can sing well, but she has a secret. When she and Harry fall in love and Harry finds out her secret will they stay together or will Carly's life flash before her eyes?


5. More hospitals.

Harry's POV
Carly's eyes just snapped open, scaring the hell out of me. And then she looked straight at me and said that she likes me too. What? How could she have possibly known? The only time she's ever been told was when I did, a few seconds ago. But you can't hear anything when you're in a coma.
"What, how did you know that I liked you?" I asked her, nervously.
"You told me, just now. God, Harry keep up with the program." She said. She flicked a piece of hair off her face, and looked at her arms, and then quickly shoved them back in her covers, to her hospital bed.
"Wou..would you like to go out with me tonight?" I asked her.
"Why would I wanna go out with you?" Carly asked.
"Because you said you liked me," slightly raising my voice,"And because I saved your fucking life!!!" I yelled.
"And if that doesn't mean anything to you, then I'm done." I said, then I turned around and started storming towards the door.
"Harry wait." Carly said.
"Fine, I'll go out with you."
"Great, tonight at 7, go to the park across from the recording studio." I said happily, then I practically skipped towards her door and opened it, Louis and Zayn fell over. They were obviously listening, with their ears pressed up against the door.
"Get up." I told them. When they got up, I smacked them both upside the head.
"Owwwwwwwwww," They both said at the same time. But I was too happy to care, I skipped down the hallway and out of the hospital. I had a date to plan... Notes Hi guys!!! Please comment, a nd message me if you like my story or if you have a question.
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