Hard To Get

Emma goes to Chaz's birthday party and runs into Justin Bieber. Justin starts to actually fall for Emma while she doesn't feel the same? What happens? Will they be together or will they end up hating each other or will they just be friends?


4. fall pt 2

(sorry it cut me off on the last chapter so I will finish it) 

his house is big so there are alot of places to hide. I started to cry getting scared. Tears were falling down my face. I heard footsteps behind me stop. 


i turned around slowly. he saw me crying and his face filled with concern. he looked worried. I turned back around and ran up the stairs. I could hear him behind me starting to chase me. I ran into a room and locked the door. I then heard knocking. it then turned into banging. 

"open up Emma. please open up" he said through a few sniffs. 

was he crying? I opened the door and he yelled "GOTCHA!" and grabbed me. He closed, locked and blocked the door so no one would come in and I wouldn't get out. 

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