Our generation

Harry and Bethany have had their run of things and are finally starting a life. Their daughter Darcy and son Spencer are now 8 and Harry is still out and about. Home on occasions but right now is busy trying to keep up with the changing world. It's hard being apart of a famous family and the whole family is missing Harry.


2. Means the world

Spencer has been home for a few weeks now, he is on pain medication when ever it hurts. Laying in my bed listening to the kids skype with Louis, Liam and Niall brings a smile to my face...when ever Harry was busy the other boys made sure to give the kids their daily dose of daddy. I walked into the living room where the two munchkins were laying on their stomachs talking to their uncles. You could hear Niall's laugh in the background as Louis talked about Harry's 'dirty' secrets. I quietly took my place curled up on the corner of the couch where Harry and I sit watching the kids play video games or play a board game. I could feel his arms wrapped around me whispering in my ear about how we made such amazing kids, how Darcy's hair resembled mine to the t and Spencer's cheeky personality came straight from his dad. I hugged myself remembering Harry, wanting, wishing for him to come home. But he couldn't...he was touring and recording for the new album. "Mum why are you crying?" Spencer asked looking at me drawing Darcy's attention to me too, I quickly took the sleeve of my sweater and wiped my eyes.

"Oh I wasn't sweetheart. My eyes were just a bit dry and watered up." I smiled and then I heard a laugh.

"Watery eyed my arse." I heard Louis muffle.

"Excuse you. how would you know." I said getting up from the couch and walking over to the laptop and putting Darcy on my lap.

"Because I've known you and I know you. You miss him." I rolled my eyes and looked at Spencer who was curiously looking from me to the screen.

"Of course I miss him." I said pushing a piece of hair out of my face.

"I miss daddy too." Darcy says as she lays her head on my chest, Spencer follows her and lays his head on my lap.

"Mum I miss dad too." I smirked at Louis who knew I had just won this little rift we had.

"Well you'll get to see him in a few months." Liam said smiling "Yea and all of your uncles." Niall said looking at all the boys. I smiled and looked at Spencer who's eyes were beginning to close and Darcy was already asleep.

"Well boys looks like the kids are gone." I whispered they smiled at me and then blew kisses to the camera "Tell Harry I love him and good night."

"We love you Bethany! Sleep well and give the kids kisses for us." I smiled and then logged out of Skype and closed the computer. I picked up Spencer's head and laid it down on a pillow, after making sure he hadn't woken up I picked Darcy up and carried her up into her bed, tucking her in I kissed her forehead and covered her with the blanket. I went back down stairs and picked up Spencer and placed him on the couch...for a 8 year old he was big not fat but muscular and I couldn't carry him anywhere anymore. "Night baby." I said and kissed his forehead, I walked to the edge of our living room and dimmed the lights.

"Night mum." Spencer said I smiled and then walked through the house turning the lights off as I went. I crawled into the bed, that was now so huge missing both Harry and the kids. Normally one of them slept with me but not recently they've been sleeping alone. I needed Harry back with me, I miss him more than words can even say. Every night it was like this, me feeling so alone...being alone. All I can do is close my eyes and pretend he is here.

I woke up and got in the shower. Looking in the mirror I let the morning tears willingly fall down my cheeks...this is the only time I have to cry and let out my frustrations and sorrow...if I do it in front of the kids they would break down with me. I can't do that to them. I slip on one of Harry's tee shirts and a pair of high waisted shorts along with some combat boots. I let my hair just fall out of the towel and then started to put on my make up. I only put on mascara and then went down stairs to start making food. I made up some pancakes and then cut up some fruit from me and Darcy's garden. I looked over at the clock it was about 10am meaning it was around 2 or 3 where ever Harry was. All I knew was that he wasn't awake and I couldn't talk to him...like every other morning. I heard little footsteps coming from the stairs and I knew that it was Darcy who had smelt the food. "Morning beautiful." I said and kissed her head as she came and gave me a hug.

"Morning mum. I smelt food." I giggled and gestured to the living room.

"Go NICELY wake your brother." she nodded and then ran off to the living room. I set everything up on the table and Darcy came running back in and sat at the table. I sat down and then closely following my sitting Spencer joined us very tired looking. "Morning sleeping beauty." I said and Darcy laughed.

"Morning mum...when is Auntie El coming?" he asked grabbing some food and placing it on his plate.

"Um around 3 I think." I told him.

"Mummy will you cut up my pancakes?" Darcy asked pushing her plate to me.

"Please?" I questioned and she nodded and smiled.

"Yes please mum." I laughed and started cutting her pancakes.

"You excited to see Jennifer, Spence?" I asked winking at him.

"Mum shut up." he said his face turning bright red. It was so cute how much he liked her...his first crush, she was almost 1 year older than him but he didn't care and in all honesty neither did she. Darcy on the other hand had the biggest crush on Zayn and Perrie's son, Jaxon. Jaxon was 2 months younger than her and I could tell that Jaxon didn't have a crush on Darcy. Which sucked to see Darcy trying so hard but all her work going to nothing. As for Lucas he had the biggest crush on Laci which is Cambree and Niall's daughter who is only 7 but that didn't matter at all to Lucas, even though he is 12. I was not going to let Laci even remotely get close to Lucas...I knew his mentality already he tried it on Darcy. They're sooo young but still you can just see the little crushes forming. "Mum I'm finished." Darcy said smiling I shook my head and looked at her empty plate "Oh just clean it up and then go clean up alright?" she nodded her head and then jumped up from the table and ran to her room. I looked down at my plate and realized I had finished already too. "Got lost again mum?" Spencer asked taking my plate, I smiled and nodded "Sorry bud I just sometimes think a lot." he chuckled and then went and put the dishes away. "I'm going to get ready." I nodded and then stood up and cleaned up the rest of the dishes. 

We were all sitting waiting for the Tomlinson clan to show up just chilling watching some sponge bob. I had Spencer all wrapped up in my arms and Darcy was sitting on the floor laying on her back watching the t.v upside down. This is the time where I wish Harry was here just to sit with his daughter on the ground and cuddle with her, while I cuddle with my second man. I heard a knock and Darcy shot up to answer the door "Mum El is here!" she shouted and then Jenn came strolling in and that sure got Spencer off of me in a jiffy. I laughed and then smiled at Jenn "Hi Bethany." she said smiling at Spencer. I chuckled and got up and ruffled her hair "Hey beautiful. Are you getting prettier?" I said kneeling down to her level she shrugged and peered around me to look at Spencer "Well I see I'm of no interest to you." I said and then playfully shoved her at Spencer. I walked to the front where I saw Darcy looking out the door for Lucas "Hun he didn't come." Eleanor said picking her up "But why?" she whinned "Well he was on a play date." she responded I looked at her my eye brow raised, she knew how I felt about him being around Laci, when she is so young she doesn't even know what a crush is. She still thinks boys have cooties, Lucas on the other hand was willing to wait for her to get over that...and he knew if he started on her now...it wouldn't be that hard later on. "He is on a play date with Laci." she said looking at me her eyes filled with fear...she knew I was going to hand it to her later. "Is he Eleanor?" she nodded her head and put Darcy down who ran to find her brother and Jenn. "Eleanor you know what Lucas is doing!" I exclaimed pacing around "He isn't buttering her up Bee!" I chuckled and looked at her "Then why does he want to hang out with a 8 year old so much?" she shrugged and then walked into the house looking around "We can talk about it later...I just need to to get them out asap...I still have to pack for me and those two...and we get on a plane at 4am." I said quietly "They still don't know?" I shook my head and smiled at the kids sitting on the couch watching t.v. "One Day El...they wont want to watch t.v they'll want to go on dates and hang out with friends and not their family...One day they might want to date each other." she chuckled and then looked at me "Yea...let's just not talk about that...I can't think about them growing up any more with out Louis." I nodded and crossed my arms "I'll pick them up at 1 alright?" she nodded and then went and told the kids to get in the car. They kissed me good bye and then ran out the door. "Bye Bye El have fun." I winked and she gave me a fake smile "I will." I laughed and then went to pack. 

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