A banished prince, old war general, girl raised in the wild and a battle mage set out to help a farmer rescue his lost daughter from a secret guild set at kidnapping illusionists.

This is just a rough draft of what I have written so far. Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions.


5. The Darkness

Sorry readers, I am currently too scared to face The Darkness. Who knows what terrors await Talc, Thal and Granit. What started The Darkness and what does it look and feel like? How could someone describe it? I don't even know yet, so let us suffice to say that it is scary and dark of course. Thal gets sick and his life begins to be sucked right out of him. They have to hurry to get out before it sucks him dry and The Darkness starts to affect them as well. Well they make it, whoo that was close. That is where we will join our little party of three in the next chapter.


P.S. feel free to give me ideas on what you think The Darkness should be like. Thanks!

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