The Five Types

*ONE DIRECTION IS NOT FAMOUS* Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, and Louis Tomlinson have always been special. They have never met. But one thing connects them. They are all descendents of Katchma Corisma, they long dead so called witch of 1209, master of elements: Fire, element of anger; Earth, element of power; Air, the element of peace; Water, the element of all emotions; Growth, the element of the way of life; and Light, the element of goodness.


2. The Theft of Niall *Natorator's P.O.V.*



  Niall sat up in his bed. He grabbed is head. He had a bad dream, again. These bad dreams, they were of a girl, siting over a man,(He could see neither of there faces) and heard crying. The man appeared also to be dead. Or lifeless. Then the ground would break, and they would fall. And he tried to save them every time, but always failed.

   He pulled his hair. He closed his eyes. He took a deep breath. He calmed himself down a bit. It was hard, because every time he had this dream, he would freak out. He had always been a kind person, so this dream frightened him, a lot...


  "Mum?" Niall flicked open his eyes, even though it did not help much. It was pitch black anyway. But, he did it anyway.

  His legs swooped over his bed, yet did not touch the ground. he leaned forward to touch the ground.

  "Mum?" Niall stood up in the pitch black. "Hello?" He whispered. There was no answer, except for the wind.

  It got cold. So cold that he might have shattered. But it was probably only the breeze that suddenly picked up, that felt as if it would blow him away... But it was nothing.

  It had to be nothing, except for the fact that the wind was so strong now that he was literally being lifted off the ground.

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