Fallen In Love with a Mortal 1D fanfiction

I'm Emily I'm not your average girl I was before. One day I woke up with Golden eyes. I had all these supernatural abilities I couldn't understand. I could read minds,become invisible,speed,and shape shift. I really didn't understand why the day before I had transformed I could barley read my own thoughts let alone I could barley run. I felt like it had happened for a reason so I didn't question it. I tried to just go with the flow and keep my eyes covered. One day I was just having a normal day when I met him Harry. Interested? Will they fall deeply in love? Will Harry not like the truth? I don't know keep reading


2. The Truth comes out

Emily's P.O.V

I woke up and Harry wasn't there I sort of panicked and started yelling his name Harry! Harry! Harry!. Then I walked down stairs and started searching. I got to the living room and 5 pairs of eyes were staring at me. Then I said awkwardly Found you. Then I sat down by Harry on the couch. I just sort of sat back Harry put his around me. I just started thinking about my powers. I guess I might as well read their minds. I started off with Louis. He was thinking that he needed some new shoes. Zayn was thinking about trying this new shampoo. Liam was thinking about making a cup of tea. an Niall was thinking how pretty I was. I came back to earth. As soon as I did Niall asked me my name. I'm Emily. Where did you guys meet? Umm Walmart. "Really?" he asked Really we sort of ran into each other and started chatting. So what are you guys doing? Nothing really Harry replied Are we just gonna sit here all day or go do something? Whats there to do? Harry asked Well  I don't know I'll be right back. I went upstairs I thought I'd play a prank on them I shape shifted into a bird and opened a window I flew to his front door and shifted into Simon. I knocked twice. I could hear Harry getting up. Oh what a surprise to see you Uncle Si. Good evening boys I have some bad news you may want to sit down. Okay Harry said walking into the living room. Everyone started greeting me. Boys I have bad news. You contract is being cut. I walked to the front door then walked back to see them crying. I yelled Got You!  Sorry Guys I couldn't resist I accidentally turned back into Emily. Oh no this was bad I started crying and ran out the door all the way home gotta love super speed. I opened my door and locked it behind me. What had I just done. I was so depressed I got a bottle of pain killers I popped them in 3 at a time. Before I knew it had passed out the next thing I heard was beep beep beep I had an oxygen mask on and I was hooked up to a machine I took the mask off.  W-why am I here? We were scared you might have done something bad to yourself so we knocked on the door there was no answer so we kicked it in we found you passed out on the couch. So we called 911 and they came and picked you up. They said if we wouldn't of found you,you probably would have died. T-that was the point. You guys think I'm a f-freak now. Ya we were so freaked out but we care about you. Maybe you can explain later. The doctor said you could be released in a minute cause your in good enough condition to go home. I waited for a while the doctor came he unhooked me and said I'm free to go. I slowly got up and started walking towards Harry. He held my arm cause he saw me struggling we all hoped in the elevator and we reached the last floor I hoped in the front seat. I thought they'd take me home but they took me to Harry's house. I got out and went in I sat on the couch they were all staring at me. What? Explain yourself they all said. Well I woke up one morning and I had golden eyes and supernatural powers. What powers? well Shape shift,Invisibility,Speed,and Mind read. Btw Niall Thanks. I don't know why it happened. But every night I wake up screaming I don't know why. You didn't wake up screaming last night. Wait what? I didn't. My necklace started glowing. Wait whats happening? This hasn't happened before. I opened it. It was just a picture of my mum.It stopped glowing and I fell to the floor and passed out.

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