Meant to Be

Kirsty's journey starts in Australia where she unexpectedly sits next to the one and only Harry Styles on her plane ride all the way to London to fufill her dream of being a photographer. Kirsty gets along really well with Harry and the boys and starts to hang out with them, but could this spark new romances in the group? Read more to find out!


1. Journey Starts Now

It was now 7:00am and my flight left at 10:00, I wanted to get there an hour before and it took 20mins to get there from my parents house. This meant I had 1 hour and 40 mins to get ready. Today was the day, January 4th , I , Kirsty, was making a big move all the way from Australia to London. After finishing my years at school and university I'm am now 20 and have the pleasure to be a professional photographer. 2 months ago I was accepted to be the photographer for a famous magazine company called Seventeen. With this job I get to meet and work with various people doing what I love, I was totally stoked when I heard the news however it is sad to say goodbye but I will always call Australia home. 

I just stepped in the warm steamy shower and did my usual routine of washing my hair, cleansing my face and finishing off by washing my body with a coconut body wash. I finished my shower and walked to my room where my outfit was all planned out laying on bed. My outfit was black full length tights with white converse, and a navy hoodie, I know not that glamorous but for a 21 hr flight you gotta be comfortable right ? I finished getting dressed and sprayed viva la juicy perfume all over me, this was literally the best and my favourite perfume ever. Whislt looking in the mirror I applied my makeup looking natural with foundation, mascara and lip gloss. I straightened my hair which was brown and was medium length. I was now done getting ready and it was 8:20 , 20 minutes till I left and I started to get butterfly's in my belly. I wasn't sure if I was doing the right thing or not. I looked around my room, made sure I had all my stuff and lastly took a selfie of me and my room on my iPhone 5. I wanted to have lots of memories so if I get sad I can just look at the pictures on my phone. I continued saying goodbye to my mum, dad and 18 year old sister Ruby and took selfies with all of them. I was going to miss them all like crazy but this opportunity was too good to give up. I finished saying goodbye and set my iPhone on a table putting a self timer on the camera and my family and I all jumped on the lounge taking a group photo together. The photo was perfect and I immediately set it as my wallpaper. All of a sudden there was a beep outside. My cab to the airport was here! With lots of tears and hugs I was finally off on my journey to London. 

My cab ride was now over and I had arrived at the airport I decided to get some magazines and lollies to keep me occupied on the flight so I went to the airport general store. I got 3 magazines, starburst lollies and a party mix. After I paid for that I was walking towards the check in area when I walked pass a Victoria's Secret store I instantly had to go there . I went in and brought various lacy undies and bras. I mean I was single so who knows who I could meet in London. After that I walked straight to the check in where they took my bags and i was left with my carry on luggage. However when the lady was printing out my ticket she said the flight had a low number of passengers cause of a special guest on the flight. With that she surprisingly upgraded me to a first class seat. I looked down at my ticket and I had to enter in at gate 24, which was annoying cause I was only at gate 3, I thought to myself this was going to be a long journey!

"Next please" said one of the young staff " Hi mam you are in seat C1 please enjoy your flight"

I replied saying thank you whilst collecting my ticket back. I made my way through the tunnel and onto the plane and as I entered I was greeted by numerous flight attendants. They pointed me in the direction of my seat  and I was away, this was the first time I was ever flying 1st class. As I got my seat I noticed it was a window seat which was great. I was hoping I had a free seat next to me aswell so I could spread myself out and relax. The seating arrangements were going in rows with 2 seats then 3 and then 2 more. 

As I settled into my seat I looked out the window and realised this was the last time I was going to see Australia, my home town for a while. I was jetting off to the city of London where hopefully I could start fresh and meet some new friends.

"Hey, is this seat C2? " asked a tall handsome young man with luscious curly locks. 

I jumped as he spoke as I was in a world of my own before he spoke.
 " uhh yes " I said surprised

"Oh really I told the management that I wanted a row of my own, oh well at least I get to sit next to a gorgeous girl for 21 hours" he said while winking at me.

As I blushed I continued to look at his face he looked so so so familiar I just couldn't put my finger on quite who he was until suddenly I blurted out " your Harry Styles"

He immediately put his finger to my lips and whispered to me " keep it down I'm trying to keep as low profile as possible"

" Sorry Harry , I'll keep it down I'm Kirsty, it's nice to meet you" 

I smiled putting my hand out for him to shake which instead of shaking it he gently kissed it end said "nice to meet you too"

He sat in the isle seat next to me and organised his stuff and I thought to myself this might not be such a boring plane trip! 


Time went by quickly, I was watching movies but all the movies the plane provided were so boring and old so I started to play some games on my iPhone. I was playing temple run, angry birds and this makeover one. But again that got boring I couldn't get past levels and I kept dying. So instead I just stared out the window. Until Harry tapped me in the shoulder and asked me if I wanted to watch a movie on his iPad cause I looked bored and the movies on the plane are crap. 
I accepted his offer even though I was so tired and needed to rest ,  but hey? who could resist watching a movie with the one and only Harry Styles. 
"So what movie do you want to watch, Kirsty?" 
I had no idea what to choose so off the top of my head I chose Pitch Perfect. This movie is my favourite at the moment, I can watch it so many times and it is still hilarious. 
" How about pitch perfect ? " i asked 
"Sounds great , I love that movie" replied Harry
He got out his iPad and set it up on his fold out tray. It was slightly more on his side so we were sitting really close together, in that moment I thought how cute would we be as a couple. 

The movie had been running for around 40 minutes and there was still a while left of the movie. Me and Harry had been laughing and singing along all throughout it. He has the voice of an angel. I started to get really tired and started to close my eyes but I was so tired that I put my head on Harry's shoulder and fell instantly asleep. He was so comfortable and warm, it felt like heaven . 


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