Collins comes from an abusive past, with many foster home moves. Collins finally gets a call that she would have new foster parents. Will this new home come with more surprise than Collins bargains for? New siblings, a mysterious boy, a new school, or fights? Or is it just another foster home that she'd be leaving?

**some ideas used from the show "The Fosters"


3. chapter 3

I woke up to the sound of pots and pans banging in the kitchen and the clanking of forks on plates as I sat up eyes closed shaking my head as I slowly opened them. 

Great first day at the new school that I probably won't be at for even a week.

I grabbed what I had of my clothes showering and changing into some jeans and a old band t-shirt. This was basically all I had so I had to make it work. I put my hair in a loose braid to the side barely putting on any makeup besides mascara. 

I went out into the kitchen seeing every one up and moving as I grabbed a piece of toast off the counter and a couple strawberries as I was never really that hungry in the morning. 

"You guys are walking to school, yeah?" Steph said looking at the each of us as they nodded. I didn't bother in saying anything.

"Harry you walk with Collins? She'll need help getting her classes since you two will be in the same area of the school." Steph speaks up looking over at me. 

"Uh yea-." He begins to say but I cut him off. "No, i'll be fine." I say looking at Steph. 

Once we were finished we all began to walk as I was in front of all of them. But shortly after we arrive at the school I hear a perky voice from behind me as I turn.

"Aww, Hey Harry." She spoke reaching up kissing his cheek. 

"Hey Gabby." He replies with a big grin on his face as he slides his arm around her.

I quickly turn away as she caught me looking. I got inside going into the office finding Lena as she gave me my class schedule. 

"Who's she?" Gabby asks batting her eyelashes at Harry.

"Oh, that's Collins. She'll be staying with us for awhile." He says before going off to class.

This school was just like my other ones I thought to myself as I scanned the walls for my locker. I finally found my locker looking at the paper as I twisted the lock. Once I opened it I heard the perky voice again, Gabby. 

"Hey, you must be Collins." She smiles as her eyes scanned my body.

"Yeah..." I replied not really in the mood for talking as I put a few things in my locker.

She looks like all the others nice to your face and a bitch behind your back.

I could see her out of the corner of my eye watching me to see if I would say anything more but I don't. 

"Well maybe i'll see you around sometime." She smirks before walking off. 

Hopefully I won't.

"Disgusting.." She says under her breath catching up to her friends before I shut my locker going to class. 

I had writing class first which was with Mr. Brighton. I entered the room seeing all the desks laid out in a circle as I took one of the beside a blonde girl and a red headed boy. I wasn't the type of person to participate in class so I pulled out my notebook drawing as class started.

"Morning class." I heard Mr. Brighton's deep voice announce. "This morning we will be talking about Romeo And Juliet, a romance between two young teenagers who are forbidden to be together.." He continues as I kind of block him out looking around the room at each of the students as one of the desks was empty. 

The door knob rattles as I look towards the door spotting a blonde headed boy walk in late. "Mr. Lockery, you're late...again." He said sternly crossing his arms.

I examined him as he took his seat. Rough blonde hair, quite tan, blueish green eyes, and the cutest smile. He was wearing tight black skinny jeans, a muscle tank, and supras. And by the way the girls in the room were looking at him I could tell he was quite known at this school.

"I know, I know Mr. Brighton. It won't happen again." He says taking his seat as he looked up. Our eyes staring at each other for a moment as he looks away grabbing a notebook. I look back down at my own, as I bite the inside of my cheek. 

What am I thinking, he would never even go for a girl like me. Just forget it Collins...

"Alright class, let's begin with the first chapter of Romeo and Juliet." 

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