Collins comes from an abusive past, with many foster home moves. Collins finally gets a call that she would have new foster parents. Will this new home come with more surprise than Collins bargains for? New siblings, a mysterious boy, a new school, or fights? Or is it just another foster home that she'd be leaving?

**some ideas used from the show "The Fosters"


2. chapter 2

"I'm Lena, by the way. Now, we don't have a bedroom for you at the moment but we are working on it." She said smiling warmly as some crinkles formed by her eyes. "We hope you don't mind using the couch in the den just for a little while."

I nodded slightly smiling as she showed me to the den. I could see her glance at me out of the corner of her eye. 

"Is that all you have? Just the little bag?" She asks furrowing her eyebrows a bit. 

"Yes." I said quietly looking at her a bit embarrassed as she continued to walk on the hard wood floors. It almost seemed like forever until we reached the den, even though the house was huge.

"Well if you want to wash up, dinner will be in a few." She smiled leaving the den as I sat back on the couch.

I held the gold locket that hung around my neck in my palm as I got up walking into the nearest bathroom as I notice the scar I had a little below my right ear as I close my eyes remembering that exact night. I moved a piece of my hair as it covered it. I also had a scar that was in my eyebrow, and a small one on my bottom lip every time I looked at those scars it brought me back to that night, it scared me. I wish I could cover them all, but I couldn't. 

I came out of the bathroom as I quietly walked into the kitchen sitting on one of the stools around the bar. Lena glanced up at me while she was cooking letting out a smile. Dinner was soon done as Lena shouted up the stairs. I wasn't sure who else she was calling for as I sat there playing with the fingers in my lap.

"What's for din-." I heard a deeper voice say then stop. I'm sure they were wondering why a random girl was in their kitchen. I slowly turned as I saw three kids standing in the doorway to the kitchen. Two boys one girl. Two of them were twins, darker hair and eyes, same height. The b oy and girl looked about 15. The other boy tall and dark hair and light eyes, the twins looking completely different than the one boy who looked 18. 

"Kids, this is Collins. She is going to be staying with us for some time." Lena spoke as they all stood their for a bit kind of speechless.

I bit the inside of my cheek as one of them broke the silence. 

"Well hey Collins, I'm Harry, this is Emma and that's Tyler." The older one spoke as he entered the kitchen grabbing one of the plates.

I heard one of the doors open as a woman in a police officer outfit walked into the kitchen. Shit, they were going to take me away again and I haven't even been here for an hour. I looked down at my plate looking out of the corner of my eye as her and Lena kissed. It was quiet for a bit before I spoke up.

"You two are lesbian...?" I said as the banging of forks on plate stopped as everyone went quiet.

Lena and the woman looking at each other than back at me as I heard Tyler speak up. 

"They prefer gay." He said in a hushed tone taking some salad from the large bowl.

I looked up at him slowly nodding. The dinner seemed go by pretty quickly, everyone just talking amongst themselves. Harry and Tyler asking me a few things but Emma sat there not saying one word to me or making eye contact. I stayed behind at the table as everyone else got up, Steph staying back with the dishes. I grabbed mine and some others taking them to the sink.

"Oh no Collins, you don't have to do that." She spoke up extending her hands to take the dishes.

I didn't argue, I just handed over the plates as I took a seat on one of the stools. 

"So are Tyler, Emma, and Harry all your kids?" I asked quite curious.

"Well before I met Lena, I was married to a man and we had Harry. But we now divorced and we adopted Tyler and Emma. I'm a police officer and Lena is a vice principal at the school you'll be attending." She spoke calmly almost glad that I asked. "But you better get some sleep, you start at your new school tomorrow." She smiled shooing me off.

I laid on the couch as I fumbled with the gold locket around my neck as I pulled a blanket over top of me. I hated the night, I just flooded my head with 'what ifs' and bad memories. Stuff I didn't wanna remember from my past. I wasn't ready to go to back to school, I hadn't been able to stay in a steady school for longer than a week without being moved around. I just hoped it wasn't going to be the same this time as I drifted off with the thoughts of what tomorrow would bring. 










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