Light Up My World

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Emma is just your average 17 year old that you could possibly think of, kind of. Her mom is a fashion designer, goes to a private school, and has all the clothes and money in the world. But when she meets One Direction her life takes a well needed hault.


2. Maria

Emma carried her mother's suitcases to the elevator, heavy and bulky with makeup, designs and a few accessories for the models.  All the outfits that her mother had designed were already at the venue, being shipped a few days before.  Her mother stumbled out, her hair tied up in a high, messy bun and sporting a huge pair of sunglasses on her petite face.  "I look like a hot mess, don't I Emma," Maria, her mother, smiled, grabbing another bag and her coffee cup.  "Mom you always look good, Now let's go the cab is waiting," Emma assured.  They walked to the elevator, bags in tow as the piled in the small space, "Oi! You! Hold that elevator!" yelled a voice from behind.  Emma stuck her head out of the closing doors, holding them as Harry ran in.  "I have a name you know," Emma joked, pressing the lobby button on the elevator and looking back to Harry.  Harry laughed "That's what I wanted to ask you.  But let's start over.  Hi, my name is Harry Styles, it's a pleasure to meet you....?" Harry grinned, extending his hand.  "Emma.  And this is my mom, Maria," she introduced shaking Harry's hand briskly.  They all exited the elevator, grabbing all of their bags with the help of Harry, "Listen.  Harry, I don't meant to be rude but we are very late for my mom's fashion show.  Um...text me?" she asked, dropping her bags and rummaging through her purse before grabbing her phone and exchanging numbers.  Harry hugged her tightly, feeling accomplished that he had scored her number and watched her exit the building, waiting until she got settled in the car before sending her a text.

Emma climbed in the cab and shut the door, looking to her mother who was grinning slyly.  He's a cutie," she smiled, applying lip gloss to her lips, winking playfully.  Emma blushed and fixed her hair, pushing back the flyaways and looking out the window.  She loved New York.  The busy streets, the vendors, the tall buildings and, of course, the stores, filled to the brim with new fashions.  Her mom had always had a love for fashion and scored big time when a few years ago her first design hit the magazines and runways.  Ever since them, Maria and Emma had been traveling to different countries to promote her fashion line.    Although, New York was her home away from home, practically making visits to the city twice a week.  Emma knew she wasn't a normal teen, something she got picked on for when she was smaller but learned to accept as she got older.  "Emma hun, can you the bags and help me inside?  Make sure they go backstage," Maria asked, getting out of the cab and running to the back door of the venue. Emma chuckled, My mother always on the go, she thought as she grabbed what she could and walked to the door as well.

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