Light Up My World

(Transferring my stories from my account to here)
Emma is just your average 17 year old that you could possibly think of, kind of. Her mom is a fashion designer, goes to a private school, and has all the clothes and money in the world. But when she meets One Direction her life takes a well needed hault.


8. It's A Date

Emma opened the door to the trailer and exited back out into the cold, this time wearing a dress.  Her legs formed goosebumps as the wind blew harshly against her skin and she could feel her toes already form into ice cubes.  Emma shrugged, At least they gave me a jacket, she thought, walking to James, the director.  "Emma!  You look great!  Now just head over to the boys I'll tell you what to do from there," he grinned, sitting back in front of the camera and taking some B-roll of the boys, goofing off.  Louis stopped in his tracks and nudged Harry, who hadn't noticed that Emma was walking towards them.  He turned and his smiled faded into a look of awe and astonishment.  "You know.  With your mouth open like that, you'll be sure to catch a few flies,"  Emma chuckled, pushing Harry's mouth closed gently with her pointer finger.  "It's," he trailed off.  "Yeah yeah yeah Mr. Styles.  Let get this thing over with,  I'm freezin my tail feather off," Emma giggled, nudging him playfully. 


Harry wrapped his hand around hers, swinging them playfully back and forth as the camera zoomed in on the picture.  Emma couldn’t help but smile the whole time, making the video even more cheesier than it should have been.  “Now Harry, I know this is weird but pull her in for a kiss!” James yelled from behind the camera.  Emma’s eyes widened, “A kiss?  No one told me there was going to be a kiss!” Emma choked, not really the person that displays public affection, especially in front of cameras and a crew.  Harry laughed as the cameras started rolling again, “Just go with it” he mumbled under his breath.  He smiled at her, his eyes burning holes in her’s and grabbed her tightly by the waist, pulling Emma close to his center.  Emma smiled sweetly, looking up at him, anticipating the kiss more and more.  She placed a hand on his cheek and moved in towards him, her lips crashing to his urgently.  Harry smiled, kissing back with the same enthusiasm, his hands pulling her closer by her dress.  “CUT!!” yelled James, “We got it and it was perfect.  You guys have wonderful chemistry!  That’s it! It’s a wrap!”  James got up from his directors chair and grabbed a bottle of champagne to celebrate.  He popped the cork off, and cheered as the fizz bubbled all over the champagne glasses.  Zayn helped hand out all the filled glasses and grinned, making a toast.  “We just wanted to say that we appreciate all the hard work you guys put in to this video.  It’s gonna come out fantastic,” Zayn smiled.  Louis came over to Emma’s side, with a grin that stretched from ear to ear.  “Got something to say Tomlinson?” she asked sarcastically, taking a sip of her champagne.  Louis smiled and handed her a note then quickly running away childishly, laughing loudly.  She opened it and smiled, seeing Harry’s sloppy handwriting flood the page.  “Meet me at my hotel tonight.  I’m thinking dinner and a movie? xxoxHarry”

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