Light Up My World

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Emma is just your average 17 year old that you could possibly think of, kind of. Her mom is a fashion designer, goes to a private school, and has all the clothes and money in the world. But when she meets One Direction her life takes a well needed hault.


23. Happily Ever After

“Emma, quit moving!” ordered my mother, as she dashed makeup across my face.  I huffed as I tapped my foot on the floor.  I was nervous, so nervous that my hands were sweating, something that never happens.  I looked up at my mom, her face contorted into concentration as she added eye shadow across my lid.  “There.  Finished,” she smiled, standing back as she looked at her masterpiece, clearly impressed.  I stood up, fixing my bath robe and moved over to the vanity mirror.  I smiled to myself, happy with my mom’s work.  “Wow mom.  Thank you,” I said, turning around to find my mom, sitting in the chair, tears in her eyes.  I walked over to her and hugged her, “Why are you crying?” I giggled, brushing back her light brown hair and re-pinning it.  She sniffled, looking up at me, “I just can’t believe I’m here helping you get ready for your wedding,” she cried.  I bent down to her and giggled, “Aw mommy,” I smiled, hugging her again before brushing off her makeup that had melted down her face.  “Emma?” called a voice from the other side of the door.  I stood up and opened it to find Anne, her face blotchy from crying as well.  “I just saw Harry,” she smiled, explaining the obvious teary eyed look.  I shut the door and turned to both my mothers, who were now both crying again.  “Are you guys going to sit there and sob with happiness or help me into my gown?” I joked.  They both stood up, grabbing the dress off the hanger and holding it over my head as I slipped off my robe.  I could feel the soft, cold silk move down my skin as the gown slid down my body and zipped in the back.  The lace on the outside shimmered in the light as I twirled slightly in the mirror. The dress fit me perfectly, even with the extra weight that I had put on.

My mother did a great job recreating the dress for me, but still not losing the familiar charm it had when she wore it on her wedding day. “Emma?” my mother asked, holding a small, familiar box in front of me.  I smiled, noticing the familiar velvet box that she held in front of me.  It was my grandmother’s.  I know so, for the fact that I used to love going through her jewelry that she always left on her bureau.  The soft, white, velvet box held her favorite earrings.  My mother opened the box smiling at me.  I took the gold and light blue earrings and placed them on my ears, tearing up already.  Anne stood next to me and opened her purse, taking out a small, gold comb.  “This was mine.  But it wouldn’t hurt for you to wear it for your big day, right?” she smiled, placing it in the back of my elegant bun.  There was another knock on the door, signaling that it was my time to go down the aisle.  Both my mother’s walked me to the door, Anne holding the back of my dress, and Maria holding my veil.  I stood next my mother, who clipped my veil in place and tossing the see through material over the top of my head.  Anne blew me a kiss as she walked by and sat in her seat just before the familiar music started.  I looked over the bridesmaids and smiled as Lux made her way down the aisle, tossing flower petals to the floor.  The first group of bridesmaids and best men made their way down the aisle as well, Danielle with Liam, Louis with Eleanor, Zayn with Perrie, Niall with his new girlfriend Demi, and Ed with Harry’s sister Gemma.  Suddenly, the bride’s song started, the crowd standing and turning to me.  I could feel my face turning bright red, even under the pounds of makeup that was on my face.  I gripped my mother’s arm tightly as I put on a forced smile and slowly made my way down the aisle.  I looked up at Harry, his curly hair pushed back neatly and his bow a tad crooked, making me giggle slightly.  Niall must have noticed because he turned Harry around, fixing his tie then turning him back around.  Niall smiled, winking at me and mouthing “You’re welcome”.  I got down to the end of the aisle, smiling widely as my mother handed me off to Harry, who took my hand in his and squeezed it gently.  The vows began and everyone sat back down in their seats, completely silent.  I looked up at Harry, his green eyes twinkling as he smiled down at me, repeating his vows.  He rubbed his thumb across my palm as I started my vows, trying hard to not cry as I was speaking.  It wasn’t soon after Harry said his “I do’s” that I slowly started crying, my face turning blotchy and red.  I bit my lip as I brushed the tears off my face, mumbling a very incoherent, “I do” and placed the ring on his finger like he had done to me.  Harry smiled, the small tears that had formed in his eyes, falling down his cheeks.  No sooner after the priest granted Harry to kiss me did he move closer and place his hands on my cheeks, kissing me urgently.  I wrapped my arms around his neck, laughing as he dipped me low to the floor, kissing me again. Harry took my hand in his and we both gracefully walked back down the aisle together and out of the church. We both climbed into the large limo that was waiting for us and the rest of our bridal party.  “Pop open that champagne!” cheered Louis as he grabbed glasses for us.  Danielle opened the champagne and continued to pour everyone a glass.  “Here hun,” smiled Danielle handing me my champagne.  I shook my head, “No thanks, I’ll pass” I smiled, handing it to Harry, who also looked at me with confusion but shrugged it off.  
    “Can everyone please take their seats!  Because the bride and groom have just arrived!” yelled the deejay through the microphone.  I smiled to myself as I watched the bridesmaids and best men practice their entrance.  Danielle turned around and waved at me, giggling as Liam picked her up and spun her playfully.  Harry let go of my hand and walked to Ed, patting him playfully on the back before him and Gemma entered the ballroom, dancing to Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel”.  Finally after the whole wedding party took their seats at our table, the deejay spoke into the microphone.  “Everyone, please put your hands together for Mr. and Mrs. Styles!” he cheered, his voice slowly disappearing as the whole ballroom whistled with excitement.  I danced in, getting in front of Harry as I danced to the music gracefully.  Harry danced behind me and picked me up, spinning me around and lifting me in the air.  I laughed, my face burning a bright red as I made my way to my seat as the music ended.  Everyone cheered, clanging their glasses and urging us to kiss.  I turned to Harry and shrugged, “Why not?” I joked, pulling harry by the lapels of his suit and kissed him passionately. He kissed be back, brushing his thumb across my cheek and smiling as the crowd went wild.  I pulled away and sat down in my chair, taking Harry’s hand and holding it tightly in my hand.  There was a short silence before Ed stood up, his champagne glass in his hand and a huge smile on his face.  The microphone was passed down to him as he cleared his throat and spoke.  “I just wanted to toast to the bride and groom.  I knew Harry and the rest of the boys just a little before their career skyrocketed to what it is today and became very close with him.  I’m honored to be here as one of your that the word?” he chuckled, “And I soon met Emma after your visit to America and fell in love with her.  I see how she makes you laugh and how she makes you happy.  You two bloody well deserve each other.  So...a toast.  May your marriage be filled with more happiness, love and memories..” Ed smiled, raising his glass.  I wiped a tear from my eyes and stood, clapping and walking to Ed, kissing his cheek before taking the microphone.  “Thank you much.  Um well....I’m not going to make a toast so you all can sit might need too,” I smiled, looking at all the somewhat confused faces.  “I just wanted to say thank you all for being here today.  We’ve been waiting patiently for this marriage and I’m glad that we finally got what we wished for.  I’ve loved Harry since the moment I met him.  Not caring if he was in a successful boy band.  I saw Harry as this handsome, sweet, green eyes, curly-haired boy, who practically chased me around New York just to get my name,” I smiled, brushing back Harry’s locks.  He took my hand and kissed my wrist gently, urging me to continue with my speech.  “Earlier in the year...I became pregnant with my first child but...our little angel didn’t make it.  I’m so thankful that I had my loving husband by my side to show me that everything happens for a reason and that all these little obstacles make us stronger.  Well....I just wanted to say that he was right.  I recently just found out that pregnant again,” I grinned, looking down at Harry, who was clearly gobsmacked.  There were cheers from all of our family and friends, clapping and whistling as Harry got up and hugged me tightly.  I pulled away slightly, trying to finish,  “I am three and a half months pregnant and healthier than ever.  I’m praying that it’s a girl,” I smiled, brushing back my tears.  I sat down, gaining kisses from all angles.  Zayn, Louis, Niall and Liam sat up, hugging me gently, tears falling from their eyes as well.  Danielle kissed my cheek, unable to coherently speak, “I am so happy for both of you,” she sobbed hugging me.  I laughed and hugged her back, giggling, “Awww don’t cry Dani...Thank you!” I giggled.  The deejay took the mic back and spoke, “I think now is the time for our first dance.  May I have the bride and groom take the floor?” he announced.  I sat up, walking down to the floor and waited for Harry.  He bowed graciously, his smile wide and cheeky.  I curtsied and took his hand in mine as Harry pulled me closer.
     ~~Harry’s POV~~~
I hugged Emma tightly as we danced to Ed’s soulful singing.  Emma’s head was rested in the crook of my neck, her breathing slow and calm.  I closed my eyes, singing along with Ed, whispering the lyrics in Emma’s ear,  “I was made to keep your body warm, but I’m cold as the wind blows, So hold me in your arms...” I sang quietly, squeezing her waist gently.  Emma giggled “I love you,” she whispered back, gently rubbing her thumb against my hand.  I smiled, taking her chin and lifting up so her eyes met with mine, “I love you more” I smiled, kissing her lips gently, causing whistles and cheers to come from the crowd.  Emma giggled against my lips, both of us hardly noticing that the song had ended.  “Can we please have the bride and groom head towards the cake please?”  asked the deejay, turning on some soft dinner music as I walked Emma towards the table.  She took the knife and let out an evil laugh, winking at me as she placed in on the cake, waiting for me.  I stood behind her, placing my hand on top of hers and we both pressed down on the knife, making the first slice and soon after the second.  The cake was of course, chocolate, Emma’s favorite but with a twist.  The cake was covered in chocolate covered strawberries, something that Emma practically begged for.  We both took a piece of cake in our hands and laughed as they counted down.  We had barely made it passed 2 when Emma smushed the cake on my mouth, the chocolate icing smeared all over my face.  She laughed and then froze, the look in her eyes suddenly changing from happiness to caution.  “Don’t you dare” she warned, inching away slightly.  I licked my lips and grinned, “It tastes amazing Emma you have to try it,” I joked, smashing the cake to her mouth...or well, her cheek....I kind of missed.  “Wait Emma stay still.  You didn’t get to taste it!” I laughed trying to spread some more on her face.  Emma laughed, “It’s alright, I got it,” she smiled, kissing my lips sloppily, biting my lip gently while simultaneously licking off the icing.  She pulled away from me and smiled, a huge chocolate mustache on her face.  “Hazza! Emma! Look over here!” Liam yelled, his camera at the ready.  I pulled Emma close, wrapping my arms around her, careful not to get any icing on her dress.  At the last moment Emma stood on her toes, giving me a sloppy, sticky kiss on the cheek.  Liam chuckled, showing us the photo before heading back to his seat.  We were handed napkins and wet wipes to clean ourselves off and headed back to our seats and waiting to be served.  I looked to Emma, who was chatting with Eleanor and Danielle about the baby and smiled.  All I could see was her.  Her smile, the way her hair was done and how beautiful she looked in her dress.  I felt lucky...that I would be spending the rest of my life with her...having a child with her.  I’m the luckiest man on the planet...

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