Why me?

Enterng a content to see the biggest boy band i would of never expected that i would win but what happens when nothin seems what it would turn out.
Find out by reading this story.


2. chapter 1

' and that ladies and gentleman was One Direction with their hit 'kiss you' now speaking of one direction i have a surprise for all you young ladies obsessed with One Direction. I have six tickets to their concert right here in London! all front row!' my eyes widen suddenly as i sit up from the couch, listening intently. ' for the first six callers to call this number! call now!' the announcer talks excitedly while quickly listing off a number. my phone is ripped from my pocket as i quickly and urgently type in the number, my heart beating a million miles a minute. My phone rings and rings untill it finaly says busy... though i leave my name and number like the voicemail says. My hopes drop like a bomb and i sink back onto the couch... my phone slipping from my hand to land on the carpet of my clean, small and tidy apartment in dreary London. Well just on the outside of London. i lay back onto the couch getting comfortable, reaching out to the remote on the arm of the couch, my fingers typing in my favorite channel that i watch every Saturday evening. Of course its the music video channel with the latest hits and ome direction are always on it with their latest video, lately been kiss you. My thoughts drift away with the boys in my mind louis' bright blue eyes, his hair in a quiff. Liams chocolate brown eyes that always seem big and cute like a puppys. Zayns chizeled jaw line. Nialls baby blu- *ring ring ring* my mind reels back as i fumble for my phone, clawing at the carpet as to where it fell. Finally my clumsy hand closes around my ringing and vibrating phone. ' Hello?' i ask, trying to keep my phone against my ear. I hear music playing in the background and other voices talking extremly loud and excited. ' hello is this annybel?' the man asks excitedly, seeming overly extravagant. ' ummmm... yes whos this?' i ask softly, slightly confused. ' this would be BBC Radio.... i would like to announce to you AND all of our listeners that you my lady have won yourself a ticket to ONE DIRECTION CONCERT!!!!!!!' the man yells into his phone..... oh my god! i have to keep my cool. Thousands of people are listening right now!! oh my god! this isnt even real! ' are.... are you serious?' i question, feeling like its a joke. ' why would we lie to you sweetie? annybel please come by the studio within this week to claim your prize or if you dont live near here and are more than two hours away than when we are off air we can make arrangments for your ticket to be sent to you' the announcer says though it has changed to a woman with a very thick british accent. ' ok i will be by to pick it up tomorrow, thank you so much! you dont know how much this means to me' i thank the radio at least a million times before they bid me farewell and tell me where the studio is located and have said they will text me the floor and room to get my ticket. Now is time to freak out. I jump from the couch my hand flipping the remote volume up haigher andbhigher until my ears are ready to burst. I dance a bit crazy; glad i live alone and do a dance that im sure would have scared anyone who walks by as i cannot dance whatsoever. Finally i settle down, my thoughts running wild and getting super excited and i walk to my room, well more like run... then change and lay down on my bed closing my eyes. One final thought running round and round before drifting off into a peaceful sleep filled wigh the boys. IM GOING TO SEE ONE DIRECTION!!!!

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