The last of us

the worlds gone to shit.....
if you get bitten by them your over .. you become one of them.....
but ellie shes diffrent.....


3. confusion


'ZAYN?! HARRY?!LOUIS?! LIAM?! SARA?!" i screamed their names and heard them come running to me 

they were all very sleepy and glad to see them. 

"paul called an-..."i stopped

"where is liam?" i widened my eyes and said

"look for liam we all need to chat" i told them

"we NEED  to find him he is in charge"i said roughly and serious


"LIAM LIAM LIAM LIAM" yelled both harry and I

"where can he be harry?" i asked 

"well i dont know love he went to go get noodle with zayn and zayn is back where can HE be?" he said 

"im scared harry. i dont wanna lose liam." i said with a shakey voice

"LOOK AT ME SARA YOU ARE NOT LOSING ANYONE" he yelled then  took a deep breath "he probably went to get something"

"im scared harry and i miss him" i said 

"i miss him too but dont be scared" he told me kissing the top of my head


~niall has never been this tough and serious he really needed to get something off his chest~

"LIAM! LIAMM! LIAM! LIAM! LIAM!" i was in the kitchen and i saw liams phone 

"5 missed calls from paul"i read to my self 

~where are you Li~i thought to my self


"Liam! where are you"

~where can this boy be? paul DID leave him in charge ~

i was in the computer/study area i saw the door open and i was scared to be serious

"GUY?! GUYS?!?! GUYS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!

they all came running in

"what is it zayn??" harry said


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