Just another love story

A girl named Brynn has high hopes for her current crush, Chase, but what happens when Brynn gets VIP tickets to go and see her idols, One Direction, and one particular member catches her eye? Read to find out! And this is also my first fan fic guys so no hate? :) <3 ~Em


2. The News?

*Brynn's P.O.V.*


Shooting out of my bed, I wearily headed into the kitchen area. "Hello?" I asked shakily. Then, all of a sudden, something tackles me to the laminate floor. "BRYNN! SURPRISE!!!" I giggled as I realized that it could be no one other than, my best friend Ali. Although we've only known each other for a year, she was there for me when I needed her. Even through the depressing times and boy drama, we always came out with our cheeky grins and silly laughs. "Hey Ali! What's up?" I asked as we got up from the floor. "Well, you'd never believe it but...." "You've got the man you've always dreamed of?" I asked. "No silly! I got tickets for tonight's sold out One Direction concert!" "NO WAY!" I screamed. "YES WAY! Annnnnnd....... I'd love it if you could come with me?" "Oh no, I'm fine! You know I hate them! Pfft. OH GOD YES IS THAT A RHETORICAL QUESTION?" I was practically jumping up and down. "So be ready by four!" "Wait, why four?" I asked. "Brynn, we wanna get our seats right?" Ali asked, looking intently at me. "Yes. Yes we do!" I giggled. "So, what are you going to wear exactly?" "Umm... I think we should just go shopping!" I poked her. "Yeah let's go!" Ali grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the house. "WAIT!" I screamed. "What?!" Ali looked back. "I'm not dressed yet!" "Oh you'll be fine Brynn. Slippers work as shoes too!" "Fine." I pouted as we got into Ali's car.

**A/N** Yep I know, not much, but I'm trying to get my best friend to be a co-author. Bear with me! :) I should hopefully update later today? ~Em

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