Just another love story

A girl named Brynn has high hopes for her current crush, Chase, but what happens when Brynn gets VIP tickets to go and see her idols, One Direction, and one particular member catches her eye? Read to find out! And this is also my first fan fic guys so no hate? :) <3 ~Em


5. Finding the tickets?

*Brynn's P.O.V.*

I began to panic as I heard Ali say the tickets were gone. "Where were they?" I asked. "The tickets were in my purse! I had them when we were at the mall!" Ali was yelling and I knew this wasn't good. Ali never yells. "Well then we should go back to look for them, and see what we can do." Ali had started tearing up because she knew how much we both wanted to see One Direction. As she nodded, I patted her back and we headed back to the mall.

First, we stopped at the Orange Julius. "No sign here." I sighed. It was highly unlikely that we would find them, I mean who wouldn't want free VIP tickets?

Next, we stopped back at Forever21. "Brynn this is useless! I lost them which means someone picked them up and is probably pretty darn happy right now!" I could tell Ali was getting frustrated. Then, I had an idea. "Ali, how did you buy them?" I asked. "Online?" "ALI! WE HAVE THE RECEIPT! MAYBE WE CAN GET IN BY THAT?" I was happy with my thinking. "Maybe?" Ali screamed happily. "Ma'am I'm going to have to ask you to keep your voices lower" A mall cop came up to us. "Sorry, we were just leaving." Ali was giggling behind me which made it hard for me to keep a straight face towards the mall cop who just nodded.

As we headed back to my house, we printed off the receipt. "I hope it works!" I said.

Instead of taking Ali's car again, we took my car, which was a 2012 Chevy Impala ( Highly unreasonable, but it's my dream car :P). As we drove, the time seemed to go by so slowly. "I find it funny how when you're super excited that the time seems to go really slow, and when you're not looking forward to it, the time seems to go really fast." I glanced over at Ali for a second to see she was on her phone, probably on Twitter. As I focused back on driving, I saw that we were right around the corner from the stadium.

As we pulled into the parking lot of the stadium, we saw that at least ten girls were there already. I glanced at the clock and it said 4:00pm. "Right on time Ali!" Ali just laughed. We pulled out the receipt for our tickets and ended up waiting for about two hours. By that time, a few thousand girls were there. As the big red tour bus pulled in and the boys stepped out, I poked Ali's arm. The boys passed us to get him, and I couldn't help noticing that Niall couldn't sop staring at Ali. "Psst! Ali!" I whisper/yelled. "Hm?" "NIALL WAS JUST TOTALLY CHECKING YOU OUT!" I smiled as I told her. "Noooo... He probably just saw the shirt." Just then, the security guards started taking tickets. It was now our turn. "Are you Brynn Canters and Ali Henderson?" a familiar voice asked from behind the body guards.

A/N: Cliffhanger maybe? Nah. But, yay for a longer chapter! Thanks for the almost 50 views and 3 likes guys :D I should be updating laterrrrrr ~Em


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