Just another love story

A girl named Brynn has high hopes for her current crush, Chase, but what happens when Brynn gets VIP tickets to go and see her idols, One Direction, and one particular member catches her eye? Read to find out! And this is also my first fan fic guys so no hate? :) <3 ~Em


10. Alright, the REAL concert

*Brynn's P.O.V.*

After that whole "Incident" I was glad to finally be able to see the concert with Ali.

"I can't wait!" Ali was jumping up and down.

"Ali!" I scolded. "You're gonna embarrass us!"

"Brynn they're used to it! Besides, everyone has their own style of fangirling."

"I'm sure they do." Right as I said that, the concert started.

As the boys came out on stage, they greeted a loud hello to the crowd, Louis even smiled at us, and we saw him because we had front row tickets.

-Skip Rest of Concert (Haha sorry I've never been to a real concert before so I can't really describe it very well ]:-

The concert was AMAZAYN! Ali was screaming her head off the whole time, but I didn't mind later on because everyone else was too. As the boys left the stage, I started feeling nervous because now it was time for the meet and greets.

A/N Sorry for the short chapters :( ~Em

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